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NYC Trip Report-Day 3 Pizza in Brooklyn


We finally awoke to a sunny day! I had coffee on the balcony and soaked it up.

Our gorgeous Home Exchange Apartment was even more so, in the sunshine. Every morning, especially in the rain, I was hesitant to leave this wonderful space.

We took a bus to Brooklyn Heights, where many gather to get a view of the Manhattan skyline.

I love NY brownstones. I always thought the most beautiful ones were in the Gramercy Park area where we often stay. But Brooklyn brownhouses had an elegance all their own. This window box was planted with colourful lettuce! Brilliant.

The leaves had just started their yearly turning to yellow and red.

It was the Sunday of the Canadian Thanksgiving and we were in search of a church to give thanks. We arrived a bit early for the service in this 1878 beauty.

We found ourselves at Montague Bagel where we grabbed coffee and tea. Across the street from us was this line up to get into a bakery. Wish we had the time to scope it out.

If you recall, on the Saturday of that weekend, the Israelis had been attacked by Hamas. We wanted a reverent place to pray for peace.

The stain glass windows were exceptionally beautiful. I am always drawn to angels but especially in threes. I imagine that they are Sisters #1, #2 and #3!

I was also attracted by this window. The beautiful woman to the right wore the colours of the Caribbean. My favourite sight in the world.

We spoke to a parishioner who had attended the church through its restoration. When she told me that the ceiling was wall papered, I liked it a wee bit less.

To be honest, when I knew that we were staying in Brooklyn, this is how I imagined it. Although our apartment was conveniently located, my eyes were always in search of a glimpse of Manhattan.

The waters edge had been made into beautiful docks and walking areas, complete with a merry-go-round and lots of great restaurants.

Speaking of restaurants, there were line ups at two in this area, both featuring Manhattan Pizza. D and I shared a pie. Lucky for me you could order it half red and half white.

With a spicy Italian sausage and ribbons of fresh basil, it was divine.

Before we headed back into Manhattan, I spotted this dichotomy of old and new NYC.

Doug was intent on visiting FAO Schwartz at their new location in Rockefeller Plaza to buy toys for our Wee Ones.

D decided that I find a restaurant for dinner and to relax in, while he scooted around Time Square to find the last of his souvenirs. The Brooklyn Diner did the trick. I was still too full from lunch so I had this for my supper.

D decided that he just had to have a diner burger and he was very happy with his choice.

This is my guy. It struck me anew as I posted this picture, that D is THE perfect person to travel with. He figures out all the logistic in advance, so we never (okay-rarely) get lost and we always take the most affordable and efficient mode of transport available. And….I think that he is very easy on the eyes! Married almost 40 year and the sight of him still makes my heart skip.

Kath’s quote: “Life is short, eat desert first“!-Authour unknown

D takes pictures of hearts for me, whenever he spies them.

Love never fails.

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