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The Flight Club-Winnipeg Airport


We love to travel and have recently learned from friends how to make the entire airport departure part more pleasurable. They are members of a couple of executive lounges and enhance their leave-takings with a leisurely visit where they can enjoy a beverage, some delicious food, flip through magazines and the like. Before a long overnight flight overseas recently they arrived in time to enjoy a meal at the Flight Club and gave the bistro on the arrivals floor of the airport, glowing accolades. She asked if I had a chance to dine there. As a matter of fact I had.

We were away in March and thought that we would return to spring in Winnipeg but we had no such luck. Spring teased us through April and I was overjoyed to receive an invite to a tasting at the Flight Club where their menu is inspired by herbs and seeds. I was craving green…anything green.


Sister #3 (my date for the evening) and I were delighted by the Roasted Heirloom Beets and Tomato Salad. The vine tomatoes  and white balsamic vinaigrette produced just the right amount of acidity to offset the silky beets and pungent goat cheese. Between the fresh thyme and rosemary and the sweet candied pistachios which added crunch and sweetness, I knew by that first dish that the evening would be a delicious success.


The Spiced by the Sea Ahi Tuna Tartare was also a hit -flavoured with pickled ginger, lime, chia seeds and microgreens. I like my tuna tartare with a smidge of sesame oil which was missing, but satisfying nonetheless.  To offset the seriousness of the plate, the tartare was accompanied with a side of deep fried knotted nori.

Jumbo Shrimp Wonton Soup

The Jumbo Shrimp Wonton Soup warmed us up and even though I am not partial to miso, the broth with hon shimeji and shitake mushrooms was light and lovely.


We skipped over to the Asian section of the Flight Club menu and landed at the Indonesian dish of Nasi Goreng. Sister #3 and I agreed that this was the best dish that had been sampled up until that time. We loved the sunny-side egg over the spicy and sweet fried rice and were over the moon when we tasted the chicken satay skewers! There were four of us sharing each dish and we could have easily gone home after this delectable one, but our tasting time was not over, in fact we had just started!

Charge Me Up

In addition to all the savoury food, samples from the Flight Club’s juice and smoothie bar came out in between plates. This gorgeous one called Charge Me Up was a nutritious blend of grapefruit, pineapple, lemon, lime and lemongrass. If this smoothie doesn’t get you going, I am not certain what will.

I am confident that you see the trend of this post. Every dish was creatively concocted and plated, utilizing the finest ingredients and complex taste profiles. I am running out of descriptive words for the multitude of dishes, so I think instead I am going to post the rest of the entrees that we sampled and list the ingredients from their menu.


Shiromiso Salmon-Miso-marinated Atlantic salmon, pan-fried and served with roasted cauliflower, wasabi and a Yukon gold puree, elegantly paired with pickled ginger beurre blanc.


Flight Club Veal Cheek-Veal cheek wrapped in smoked bacon and cooked in a sous vide style with hints of fresh rosemary and thyme, served over creamy truffle-scented mashed potatoes with ratatouille and crispy fried leek.

Flight Club Lamb Steak

Flight Club Lamb Shank-Lamb shank cooked in a sous vide style with black pepper and sweet onion and served with a Yukon gold potato puree and garnished with a Tuscan Cipollini onions confit with raisins and pine nuts.


Crispy Green Tomato Sandwich-Breaded Green tomatoes on a Kaiser bun with fresh avocado, spicy jalapeno cheese and lettuce and buttered with a smoked chipotle aioli.


I believe this one was (I may be incorrect-hey even foodies forget sometime!)…

Banh Mi Grilled Pork Wrap-Grilled pork marinated in a lemongrass topped with pickled king mushrooms, fresh garden vegetables and softly lathered with our “Flight Club” special sauce.


Golden Roasted Chicken ‘n’ Rice-Roasted chicken served on a bed of flavoured rice and fresh vegetables with traditional chilli sauce.


Vegetarian Red Curry-Healthy blend of vegetables and tofu cooked in a lightly spiced red curry sauce served with apricot and almond rice pilaf and crispy pappadam.


Sweet Lemon Cheese Dumplings-Lemon cheese filling in a sweet parcel, deep-fried and served with chocolate and salted caramel sauce.

We were delighted when the dessert came out, not because we had the room for something sweet but because it meant we could soon put our forks down. These little packets popped in your mouth!


Death by Chocolate-Decadent chocolate ice cream, bittersweet chocolate chunks, chocolate cookie crumble and milk chocolate sauce.

I have always considered this dessert title an odd one, but so appropriate in this case. I thought that I might die if I took another bite, but that didn’t stop me.

Kath’s quote. “Anybody can make you enjoy the first bite of a dish, but only a real chef can make you enjoy the last.”-Francois Minot


Love never fails.




Friends for Life-Ladies Luncheon in support of Jocelyn House Hospice at The Fort Garry Hotel



Recently I received a late in the evening email asking if I would care to attend a luncheon at the Fort Garry Hotel the next day. A friend had been invited to attend at a sponsored table and asked if I would like to come along as well. The detail that our lunch was already paid for didn’t even matter as the invite would provide an opportunity to visit with this friend and enjoy the fabulous food of the Fort Garry Hotel.


When I arrived I realized that I would be exclusively in the company of women, a pleasure I truly love. Whether it be my daughters, my sisters or the “Media Mavens” I love the company of women. In fact one of the Mavens was unexpectedly there as well as a number of old friends. It was a truly lovely assembly of beautiful females.


The chicken and poached vegetable salad was simply exquisite, enhanced by hazelnuts and goats’ cheese. The inclusion of fennel and beets were lovely and the chicken breast was perfectly prepared.


While we finished up with gorgeous fresh fruit tarts, the Manager of Volunteers, Spiritual Care and Development began to share her personal story as well as the reason she is so devoted to the work of Jocelyn House Hospice.

I was very moved by her story, partially because I am about to have my 2 year cancer check up (there but by the grace of God go I), but also because of how inspiring Jacqueline’s personal journey was.

I am what is known as a “fixer”, always wanting to solve the problems of those I love, even when they might quite simply need only a sympathetic ear. That’s the down side of being a fixer. The upside is that I really feel compelled to contribute my time to the work of Jocelyn House in some way. Right now I am trying to discern in what manner.

In the mean while, I will continue to gravitate to the company of women, in beautiful places, sharing lovingly prepared food.

Kath’s quote: “The best kind of friendships are fierce lady friendships where you aggressively believe and defend each other and think the other deserves the world.” -Ashley Hall


Love never fails.

Kevin’s Bistro-Winnipeg


Confession time…..I recently got to suggest a place for my girlfriends and I to dine out. Since the occasion for our get together was to celebrate my birthday-I got to pick. When I went on line to see that Kevin’s Bistro only serves mac and cheese, I thought perhaps I had made a dining mistake. Was Kevin’s going to be too casual for our get-together? Was everyone going to be able to find something to eat? Would we all go into a carbohydrate coma?

I needn’t have worried. Kevin’s Bistro at 141 Bannatyne was the perfect spot. Parking was a bit tricky since it is recital time at the Pantages Theatre and the Concert Hall but we managed to find a great spot not far from the restaurant. It was a glorious evening. We were delighted by the building itself with its exposed brick walls and long narrow space. It felt to me like one of the many restaurants I have visited in New York.


We started by sharing vegan brussel sprouts that had been tossed in a apple cider vinaigrette that was as dark as a balsamic one. They had been cooked to just barely el dente and were firm and crunchy.


We also loved the panzanella salad which reminded me of bread salads I had eaten in Tuscany. The ribbons of basil which topped it were particularly tasty and let’s face it…I love anything made with bread!


My picture of the traditional mac and cheese dish was out of focus but looked a lot like this dish called Nooch (minus the garnish). We all had tastes but couldn’t distinguish the nutty taste of the cashew sauce.


The hit of the evening was this Caprese dish. The fresh tastes of bocconcini, basil and tomatoes lightened the combination of macaroni and cheese.


I was over the moon with my choice of the el Mejor where jack cheese, roasted poblano chilies, smoked chorizo and Mexican seasoning were adorned with chicharron (pork rinds), fresh cilantro and a squeeze of lime. The girls all commented that it had some heat. That would have been from the roasted poblano chillies because the spicy chorizo which I am accustomed to eating, was really quite mild in Kevin’s version. I adore anything with lime and cilantro and was quite content.

All my friends demurely put their forks down when they were half way through their dish. Even though I could have carried on, I followed suit. I sure was glad that I did, when I got to enjoy the left overs for the next day’s lunch.

And since it was a birthday we ordered both desserts offered up by the kitchen with 4 forks. I enjoyed both of the with equal delight.


No one had ever tried a beignet before and so it became the favourite of the two, especially as it was topped with pecans and a golden sauce. I had enjoyed them when I had the opportunity to visit New Orleans. Beignets are French for fritters or doughnuts. As we tucked in we noticed that the dough was a bit tough and we requested knives to tear off bite sized pieces. I contend that if you put pecans and a caramel sauce on just about anything, it will taste amazing!


Since bread (and potatoes) are my true loves, I was quite enamored with the second dessert of a chocolate bread pudding. It was not too sweet but dense with deep chocolate tastes.

I was thoroughly enjoying my time with my lovely friends even before the gift giving commenced. They know me very well and their presents were true gifts from the heart.

Kath’s quote:“Bistro cooking is good, traditional food, earnestly made and honestly displayed. It is earthy, provincial, or bourgeois; as befits that kind of food, it is served in ample portions.”-David Liederman (New York restauranteur)


Love never fails.





Mon Ami Louis – Summer 2018


There are certain signs of summer when you live in Winnipeg-the fruit trees in full bloom, the quickly flowing Red River, bikes and pedestrians everywhere and in the case of this year, the end of the hockey season. In addition, now that Mon Ami Louis opens only for the fair weather months, the opening of its doors on the Provencher Bridge.


Three good friends were assembled that day-one of the first sunny and balmy days of the season. The air conditioning actually provided some relief as we entered. I was warm from making the trek from my parked car and across the bridge when one of the trio pointed out that there is some designated parking for Mon Ami Louis guests on the east side of the river. I will research that option next time.


The menu has been revamped since the autumn closure of the facility. We were delighted to sample a couple of new lunch features with our host. We had all eaten too much over the Mother’s Day weekend so we pledged that we would go light and then only one of us kept that commitment. The Rainbow Beet salad was bulging with delicious ingredients like apples, goat cheese, candied almonds and quinoa. The cider vinaigrette offset the tastes beautifully.


This gorgeous sandwich was packed with roasted vegetables like roasted zucchini, eggplant, red peppers, apples, pickled onion, almond pesto, tangy goat cheese, lettuce and tomato, all on 12 grain bread. Our friend could barely fit her mouth around it, it was so substantial.


My selection was the mussels in white wine and cream sauce. They were meaty and plentiful and I loved slurping them up with my delectable fries.  An entire pound of mussels had been sautéed with shallots, garlic, and herbs and were served with toasted baguette and roasted garlic aioli. I left the baguette on the plate and dumped my fries right in the bowl with the mussels-oh so very good! On the way out we ran into Chef Luc Jean who declared: “what’s a French restaurant with out mussels et frites on the menu?”

You absolutely cannot go wrong with any of their Tarte Flambés that appear on both the lunch and dinner menus. Speaking of their dinner menu (also revamped), I would be hard pressed to decide between the Roast Tarragon Chicken, Seafood Bouillabaisse, Pan Roasted Berkshire Pork Chop, House Made Gnocchi or Walleye and Chips. I am so glad that summer has just begun so that there will be lots of opportunity to visit.

Kath’s quote: “Bouillabaisse, this golden soup, this incomparable golden soup which embodies and concentrates all the aromas of our shores and which permeates, like an ecstasy, the stomachs of astonished gastronomes. Bouillabaisse is one of those classic dishes whose glory has encircled the world, and the miracle consists of this: there are as many bouillabaisses as there are good chefs or cordon bleus. Each brings to his own version his special touch.”-Curnonsky (1872-1956)


Love never fails.





Master Degree Celebration


Our eldest daughter, known as Daughter #1 or “Auntie Beep” in this space has successfully defended her thesis. With her convocation ceremony in June she will hold her Masters Degree in Arts with a major in Disability Studies. Her undergrad degree was in English and she is a published writer. Her thesis theme interconnected her degrees. The title of her Thesis is “Defiant Reading-A Personal Narrative of Discovering a Disabled Self”.  Not surprisingly, she explains it better than I could:

Disabled individuals face stigmatization because of their body’s impairment (or the biological manifestation of their disability) as well as various socioeconomic and cultural factors depending on their race, sex, and sexual preference. Because of this, it is very hard for a disabled person to embrace an identity that, culturally, signals lack, incapacity, and deficiency. Growing up as a disabled child, I found embracing this part of my identity very difficult. For me, the symbol of the school bus that took me to school each weekday conceptualized the medical model of disability where disability is a tragedy and something to be fixed. It was only when I started reading fiction at a young age that I was able to reconceptualise my disabled identity through emphasizing with characters of minority in literature. Through this process, I was able to recognize my disabled identity as an aspect of my being that I could shape on my own without anyone having to dictate it to me or enforce upon me. Through theoretical discussion, autobiographical reflection, and reading response, I chronicle this time in my life and directly reflect on the importance of reading as a means of identity-making in this thesis.

I intentionally read her thesis in one sitting. I was quite literally blown away. Not only due to my own realization of what my eldest daughter lived through but how the thesis was written so exquisitely in her own distinct voice.

We asked her if we could throw a party to honour her accomplishment and thankfully she agreed. Little Brown Jug where J1 and Boo work was willing to accommodate us after hours on a Sunday evening. So we sent out the invites and I started to plan on some food.

kate2 kate3 kate4

Sister #2 contributed in a big way with hummus, marinated vegetables and my favourite bacon, mushroom spread.


One of my sisters-in-law made her cucumber cups that I first tasted when we were on Isla Mujeres together.


Sister #3 also made her infamous chili shrimp. They were a huge hit.


There was ukulele entertainment performed by a good friend Daughter #1.


The Wee Ones sure enjoyed dancing to it.


Daughter #1 requested a chocolate zucchini cake so I made two big slabs smothered in chocolate cream cheese icing and Sister #3 took my rough cake job and made it absolutely stunning!

kate9 kate11 kate10

Various groups of friends and family came and went during the evening. Some lingered while others dashed home to see the end of a Jets play off game. We were sure pleased with the crowd that showed up on a game night.


Daughter #1 acknowledged all of us for supporting her during the thesis writing duration. and dedicated it to her Grandma Lillian Joyce (my Momma).

Kath’s quote: There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. -Maya Angelou

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Love never fails.






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