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Next Stop Malaga”Home Sweet Home”


When I travel, I am not so interested in feeling like a tourist but a local that happens to “live” in a certain place for a short period of time. Because the three sisters all love to cook, having a well stocked kitchen is ideal. We also needed a place with an elevator and proximity to the main activity area. I was so happy to find an Air BnB apartment that ticked all these boxes and more.

The kitchen had a full sized fridge as well as a cook top, microwave/convection oven as well as a number of small appliances. It did not have a dishwasher but Sister #2 and I were happy to do the dishes when Sister #3 cooked.

The view from the kitchen window was gorgeous and opposite this window was a washer and dryer that we made good use of.

This was the kitchen from the front hallway. The classic kitchen table and chairs provided a lovely space which was closed off from the living room (which we had converted to one of three bedrooms). This way we could let Sister #2 sleep while we early risers could start the day with coffee and a chat around the table.

Later in the day the kitchen was filled with a soft light. I love this picture!

Sister #3’s bedroom was perfect for her as she prefers an open window to ac and this room did not have the former.

I loved the room that I got when the afternoon sun shone in the windows.

As well as my view of Malaga waking up in the morning.

Soon after sunrise, the street below was filled with parents walking the kids to school as well as shopkeepers on their way to open up for the day.

There was plenty of storage so Sister #2 and I shared a closet.

This loveseat folded out to provide a sleeper. So that is where Sister #2 lay her head. It had double doors that shut off noise from the other bedrooms and the AC was uber effective in this room.

Here are wider shots of the living room which was open to another eating area.

We enjoyed a couple of lovely dinners served with the host’s real china in this beautiful dining room. There was even liquor on the side shelf!

Perhaps best of all was the cozy little balcony off of the dining room. It proved to be a quiet space for solo reading or for all three of us to share a Happy Hour.

Kath’s quote: “Peace, comfort, quiet, happiness, I have found away from home.” – Mary Boykin Chesnut

Love-that is all.

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