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Guest Blogger: Sister #3-Yenat


The other day I got a call from my friend Osani asking if I would like to go out for Ethiopian food. Loving both Osani and adventurous eating, I said yes. We, along with his Mom-my friend Moneca, and my Quebec summer student, made our way to Yenat located at 330 Ellice. Osani insisted we order the Kokeb Bayeynetu which is a huge crepe covered with sampling of various meats, beans, relishes, chick peas, potatoes, cabbage, salads and even hard boiled eggs.  It comes with a big plate of extra crepes. You just tear off a piece of crepe and use it to gather up a tasty sample.

In African dinning it is very important to ONLY use your your right hand, which my dinner host Osani was sure to inform me.  It was a fun way to have dinner, but I must say not the tidiest thing to eat with a very hungry 11 year old.

It is great to see a kid who is so open to trying new food and enjoys sharing what he finds with his friends.

Kath’s quote: “They say fingers were made before forks, and hands before knives.”-Jonathan Swift

Guest Blogger: Sister #3-Rembrant’s


This summer I have been host mother to Emilie, a lovely student from Quebec who is here perfecting her already very good English.  It has given me a chance to show her around and be a bit of a hometown tourist myself.  This weekend we had what I would consider the perfect Manitoba day. 

We started with brunch at Rembrandt’s Bistro just outside of Lockport.  Only 20 minutes outside of Winnipeg, this lovely sunny restaurant provides a great Sunday Brunch at only $15.95 a person. Your brunch starts with a creme brulee that features Red River cereal and dried blueberries, how very Manitoban!  Emilie and I each had the Eggs Benedict, which you can have with smoked Arctic char if you so desire.  Another friend enjoyed the Salmon Wellington with sweet potato fries.  The coffee was hot, the juice was cold and both kept coming as the service was great!

Next we were off to Lower Fort Garry. We had lots of fun wandering through the fort and chatting with the people playing the characters of the time.  After a lovely stroll and lots of learning we took a leisurely drive down River Road to Captain Kennedy’s House to walk through the gardens along the river bank.

A perfect Manitoba Sunday!

Kath’s quote:  “One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating.” ~Luciano Pavarotti

Live Lobster


We’ve attempted to order Atlantic lobster ourselves and steam up a pot for friends.  The process is rather traumatic and the shells an enormous mess.  We’ve had all the neighbourhood cats hanging around our trash cans.  It is much easier to let the experts take care of things.

Our youngest who is still not into fish per se is developing a taste for shellfish.  She has begged me all summer long to take her to The Keg for live lobster.  Tonight I agreed.   We are geographically situated almost equal distant between all three Winnipeg Kegs.  We chose to head south to the Southside Keg on McGillivray Ave.

We’ve come a long way from the times when we would take the kids out for dinner with us and I would have to hide my whole lobster under a linen napkin and perform surgery on it to remove the flesh for consumption.  They didn’t mind my eating it-they just didn’t want to see the process take place.

The Keg makes is easy by cracking the claws and splitting the tail.  I showed her my technique of running the legs between your teeth to remove the tender morsels of meat from there.  We split one lobster and ordered a second entree of chicken topped with shrimp, lobster, asparagus in a tarragon cream sauce.  We brought a doggie bag of half a tail home from my husband and were still stuffed to the brim.  Amazing value at $32 per person.
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Kath’s quote:  “A woman should never be seen eating or drinking, unless it be lobster, salad and champagne. The only true feminine and becoming viands.”-Lord Byron



In a week the three sisters, a sis-in-law and honourary sister will be heading to New York City.  I was fascinated by the eating habits of New Yorkers upon my previous trips.  I have only been in one private home in New York but I understand that space is tight and kitchens are tiny.  Hence many New Yorkers pick up a meal on their way home or drop in for a quick supper to their favourite neighbourhood spot.  That was very much the feel as we dined at Niko’s last evening.  We were there early-at 5 pm and the place was filled with various groups grabbing a quick bite.

My dinner included a Greek salad-the dressing and the feta seemed unusually light and was a perfect way to start a more than substantial meal.

I would love to get my hands on their Lemon Roasted Chicken recipe.  The generous three piece serving was so tender and savoury.  A marinade,  a slow oven,  broasting?  How do they do it?

The chicken is accompanied by toasted pita (lots of garlic but a bit too much salt-and I LOVE salt) and your choice of carb.  No surprize-I went for the hand-cut fries.

I’m guessing many diners were able to take half their dinner home for lunch.  I managed to clean my plate like a good girl (I was with my Mom).  Supper and possibly lunch for $11.95-what a bargain.
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Kath’s quote: “Thou hadst better eat salt with the Philosophers of Greece, than sugar with the Courtiers of Italy.”-Benjamin Franklin

Beach Stop


Life is different these days and I am coming to understand that the journey is as lovely as the destination-and so it is even for our short drive to the cottage on the weekends.  Instead of racing to the cottage door, we have acquired a new stop along the way –the Sandbar Motor Inn at Grand Beach.

They have nightly food specials to attract people to their bar and Friday nights are steak night.  A nice little sirloin, perfectly cooked to medium rare with cole slaw (vinegary-just the way I like it), grilled garlic toast, a baked potato and get this-a glass of red wine (or a beer) all for $9.95!  The place was hopping when we arrived at about 7.  The weather forecast predicted a rainy weekend-I can’t imagine how busy they’d been had the sun been shining!  They had already sold 200 steaks.

We found a spot next to the window by the great looking patio.  Since it was just the two of us and we were seated at a long table, we invited others to join us as fewer and fewer seats were open.  This is the way that I discovered that you could substitute a chicken breast for a steak.  My neighbour’s dinner looked wonderful and I think I’ll make that choice next time.

As a result of this lovely stop, we didn’t have to cook and better yet-wash dishes upon arrival at the cottage, we just unloaded the car and set up the DVD player to get caught up on our viewing of LOST.  Don’t worry, we got a lot of time in the great outdoors as well.

Kath’s quote: “The only time to eat diet food is while you are waiting for the steak to cook.”-Julia Child

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