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The Buy Manitoba List


When I was in Constance Popp‘s store this weekend, she had assembled special gift baskets of Manitoba goodies for purchase as Christmas Gifts.  Making a commitment to buy local is not an offhand decision. If you are price conscious, you will have to change your mindset in order to get on board.  People often ask me in my profession as a Media Planner-is XYZ the “best deal”? Is it the “cheapest”?  My consistent response is that I recommend mediums that are the most cost “effective” and that the investment in representing your brand with a vehicle of quality is the best long term decision you can make.  So too, with Buying Manitoba.

I read with interest the supplement published for the Manitoba Food Producers and ripped out the participant list to load enter into my Blackberry so that I can refer to it when shopping.  Then I concluded that my local readers may have missed this weekend’s reference and may want it as well:

Bakery and Sweets

  • Chocolatier Constance Popp
  • Double D’s Cheesecake
  • Gunn’s Bakery
  • Jeanne’s Bakery
  • Mordens’ of Winnipeg
  • Piccola Cucina



  • Bothwell Cheese
  • Notre Dame Creamery
  • Oak Islands Acres Goat Dairy
  • Organic Meadow

Meat & Fish:

  • Danny’s Whole Hog BBQ
  • Del’s Specialty Meats
  • Freshwater Fish
  • Granny’s Poultry
  • Mariner Neptune Fish & Seafood
  • Pioneer Meat
  • The Carvers Knife
  • Winkler Meats
  • Winnipeg Old Country Sausage


  • Northern Asparagus Farms
  • Peak of the Market
  • Precision Produce



  • Bee Maid Honey
  • Beeproject Apiaries
  • Black Pearl Coffee
  • Buckshots
  • Canadian Gold Beverages
  • Countrysides
  • Delicious Kicks Salsa
  • De Luca’s Specialty Foods
  • DiSanto Foods
  • Ferme Larielle Farm-Golden Flax
  • GORP Clean Energy Bar
  • Green Bean Coffee Imports
  • John Boy Farms Apple Cider
  • John Russell Honey
  • La Cocina Foods
  • Local Meats & Frozen Treats
  • Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods
  • Mountain Top Honey Farm
  • Naosap Harvest-Organic Wild Rice
  • Nature’s Farm
  • Northern Meat Services
  • Perfect Perogies
  • Progressive Foods-Quick Cooking Barley
  • Shoal Lake Wild Rice
  • Solbery
  • Superior Harvest Foods
  • Wild Man Ricing
  • Wendell Estate Honey
  • YOMM Beverages

I have regularly purchased 27 brands from this list.  How did you fare?

Kath’s quote:  “Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals, and happiness.”-Thomas Jefferson

Love-that is all.