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Guest Bloggers: Boo and the Frenchmen-Montreal’s Best Coffee Spots


Boo and the Frenchmen are currently on their long awaited honeymoon. Greece is their current location but en route, they spent a week drinking coffee, beer and noshing in Montreal.

From the Frenchman:

During our stay in Montreal I had to make sure we checkout the hottest coffee shops in town. Everyone that knows me knows I love my coffee, more specifically lattes. I even got my wife Boo addicted to coffee, or perhaps turned her into a coffee snob like me. To me, coffee is more than just another cup of joe, or something to keep the buzz goin’. I usually associate drinking coffee with relaxing and/or enjoyable moments. That’s why I had to make a list of coffee shops we would visit since we were on our honeymoon.


After a little research I had found 3 of the top places that are running the coffee scene in Montreal: Café Olympico “Open da night”, located in the heart of Mile End, is a bustling coffee parlour that was open in the 70’s. Inside you will find a large espresso machine behind which a barista is frantically making one coffee after another. There was constant chatter in the background and seemed to be a favorite spot with locals as many poeple came in and greeted the baristas like old friends. What I found different about this coffee shop is how they expertly poured the espresso and steamed milk right in front of you on a high counter. Usually the drink is made behind the machine, in this case you got to be part of the making adding to the whole experience. This was definitely one of our favorite spots(we went twice), the espresso was delicious and felt just right being mixed with creamy steamed milk. They serve their own house blend; a secret recipe as described on their website.

Café Olimpico on Urbanspoon


Next we went to Cafe Plume, nestled in Le Plateau de Mont Royal. I would consider this one a neighborhood coffee shop, frequented by students and hipsters alike. When we walked in I was greeted with a familiar sight; bags of Phil and Sebastian Coffee Roasters. We must have walked in at a busy time as we had to wait a little bit to find a seat, which we did by the window. The atmosphere is quite inviting with bright lights, a brick backwall, chairs and tables and stools running along the window. That day they had the Nueva Llusta blend, and both Boo and I had lattes. A delicious choice so much so I had to have an espresso shot of that same coffee. The staff is very friendly and knowledgable; I ended up having a little chat with the barista about the different coffees they serve including Verve Coffee.

Café Plume on Urbanspoon


We also went to Cafe Myriade, situated right off of St-Catherine in the shadows of l’Universite de Concordia. When we arrived we could tell this was a popular student hang out. Amid tables busy with young people in animated conversations we waited in line to order our lattes, our favorite as you can tell. We were lucky to get our coffees just as a table was vacated near the front window. The espresso machine dominates the counter, making it plain they are serious about their coffee. And we weren’t disappointed. Again our taste buds were greeted with the delicious taste of a fresh and well roasted blend, this time from the Square Mile Coffee Roasters. I must say checking out these coffee shops just enriched our visit in Montreal, knowing we were going to taste some of the best coffee this city can offer. You don’t have to be a coffee snob by any means to enjoy a trip to these locations; the friendliness of the staff, the atmosphere and the tasty drinks they will serve you will be enough to give you a great experience.

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Kath’s quote: “I never drink coffee at lunch. I find it keeps me awake for the afternoon.” Ronald Reagan


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