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Celebrate the September Long Weekend


When you have access to a summer place on the prairies, your season is pretty brief.  As we sit here on the first official day of our summer vacation, we have a small fire in the stove as there is a chilly dampness from the morning rain.  D has the hood from his tennis jacket up and alas for him, the game that he loves is not going to happen this morning.  I am still in my fuzzy bathrobe and if this weather continues, I may not get out of it any time soon.  The time since we opened our beach house for the season on May Long seems impossibly short.  Of course, there may be beautiful September days ahead but we will be away and then our city routine takes hold in earnest.  And so, as reticent as I am, here’s an amazing way to celebrate the September Long Weekend.

In our neck of the woods (literally as we are in the Belair Provincial Forest) a local food and music aficionado has planned a Sunset Dinner on Sunday, August 31st at Lester Beach.  There will be a couple of musical acts with fireworks after sunset.  Plates are by donation to the artists.  I don’t have many more details than this but I will tell you that if we were still at our Beach House on this date, we would absolutely attend.  Not only will the food be delectable but the people of our small beach community are always warm and hospitable.


If you are anywhere in the Grand Beach, Lester Beach, Hillside Beach or Traverse Bay area this weekend, I am sure that there will be posters with more details.  If you want to know more before you leave Winnipeg, leave me a comment and I’ll give you the email I have for the event.

Kath’s quote:  “Youth is like a long weekend on Friday night. Middle age is like a long weekend on Monday afternoon.” –unknown


Love-that is all.