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Tapas Adega


Typically when we are anticipating a trip away, we try to become accustomed to some of the foods, wines and other delicacies of the region.  Our next European adventure will be Portugal early in 2018. We are going with dear friends who I will start to address as the Wine-lover and the Beer-lover in this space. Recently they invited us to join them at Tapas Adega because owner Arnaldo Carreira is from Portugal. It was a time to talk of food, wine and the adventure ahead.

If the Beer-lover hadn’t directed us through Gus and Tony’s (2015 Portage Ave.) to an adjoining room, we wouldn’t have known how to get into the restaurant. The entrance and other finer points do not concern Arnaldo. He is simply a man who loves to cook for food appreciators. There is no set menu. You are sat down. Candles are lit and the wine starts being poured out. Before you know it the first of many small plates start arriving at your table.


Cod Cakes were first-they were piping hot and had the appropriate proportion of fish and potatoes to make them a great start.


At the same time a little platter of Portuguese chorizo was placed on the table. The cold cut had been lightly grilled to bring out the flavour and charm of the meat.


A sparkling version of calamari arrived next. All three dishes were simply garnished with olives that I could not stop eating remembering our time in Positano, Italy where little bowls of olives accompanied every Peroni or glass of chianti that we ordered.


Shrimp skewers arrived next but were not delivered in a usual manner. They arrived with the skewers standing upright; achieved when stuck into an overturned orange. The grapes on the skewers were also a lovely touch.


The Wine-lover said she was not partial to mussels but we encouraged her to taste Tapas Adega’s version as they had been baked in a cheesy mixture. They were a rich and satisfying taste.


To cleanse the palate before the “main” arrived, there were summer tomatoes topped with a cheese mixture and a sprinkling of dill. We inquired of the mixture and were told that it was goat cheese and another secret cheese. We loved the tart creaminess of the cheese whatever it might have been. The acidity of the tomatoes offset the cheese perfectly.


Next up was a larger dish with small portions of fish, pork tenderloin, shrimp and chicken. My favourite was the chicken, tasting like it had been dry marinated in paprika, chilli powder an perhaps some garlic and lemon juice. The spice was heavenly and the meat tender and juicy.

Now through all of this the wine keep flowing as we discussed expectations for the trip ahead. We also got to chat with neighbouring guests, some of whom had also been to Portugal.

Kath’s quote: “The world is a book and those who do not travel only read one page.”-St. Augustine


Love never fails.