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Thom Bargen Coffee and Tea


The handsome man in the middle is my son- J1.  Since last summer, he has kept us apprised of a special project that two of his best buds (the other two handsome men in this picture) have been working on.  They have inhabited the space at 64 Sherbrooke Street and lovingly transformed it into a warm and sleek coffee parlor.  I got a call from J1 early this morning that although Thom Bargen Coffee and Tea is not officially open until this weekend, I could get a sneak peek, if I made my way down there.

I ordered a latte that was perfectly prepared, right down to the milk foam art.  I also indulged in a chocolate croissant that rivaled the ones that I’ve tasted in France. People around me were commenting on the deliciousness of the blueberry roi bois, the double shots of espresso and the cinnamon buns.

Not only has the creation of the space been a labour of love, but everything that this little place serves, is equally so.  As is often the case, it starts with the best of ingredients.

The pastries are all from Jonnies Sticky Buns, a fabulous bakery in the same neighbourhood.  You must also give them a try -every single thing I have tasted there is absolutely sublime.

The coffee which is slowly coaxed into bloom by constantly swirling boiled water through the grounds in a cone filter is from Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters.  I have done just a wee bit of research about these fellows and their company.  This is what I know:

We care about the green coffee that we purchase and the people who grow it.  We care about how it’s roasted,  We care about how it’s brewed.  But most importantly, we care that you find the time to slow down and enjoy a great cup of coffee.

Seems to me that the handsome men pictured above-TJ (Thom Jon) and Graham share this philosophy- welcoming every person who walked in the door and not minding a bit (or apparently not minding, at any rate), when I accidentally spilled the “to go” coffee that they went to all the trouble of making for me. (I said that I was blessing the new building for them).  If you see a darker area of hardwood floor, right by the front door-that is where I left my mark.

With the passion that these guys have for their space, their product and their customers, this place is going to do very, very well indeed.

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Kath’s quote: “Without my morning coffee I’m just like a dried up piece of roast goat.”-Johann Sebastian Bach

Love-that is all.