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Isla Mujeres 2020 Trip Report-Day 7



Three very special things occurred on this day. We had our lovely brunch at Coco Jaquar, I moved to our beloved Luna d’ Miel and my husband joined me on the island!


Have you ever seen the suite at Luna D’ Miel? Before we left there were brand new bar stools installed at our counter. The apartment has this lovely kitchen/living/dining area. The first thing I always do is open up all the curtains. When we first started staying there, you could see water to the west but now that building has increased on the airport strip that view is gone. I also love to see the traffic go by. It does get pretty busy but it is still lovely to see the Isla families go by as well as happy folks in their golf carts.


There is an enormous and comfortable bed


and the view is outstanding! Sometimes if the wind is too fierce, I sit and read in this chair with the window slightly cracked open so I can still hear the waves.


The bathroom is spacious with plenty of hot water and good water pressure.


Our hammock wasn’t hanging when I arrived but all I had to do was let Mario know and it was installed immediately. The hammock is one of D’s favourite features of the apartments so it was waiting for him when he arrived.


We set the alarm so that we can have our coffees in hand as we wait to watch the sun rise. We also end each evening with a glass of wine under the stars. It is fun to watch the hermit crabs run by, notice the constellations that are so different than home and see the lights of cruise ships on the horizon.


Once I met D off the ferry (I didn’t recognise him at first because he had shaved off all his facial hair), we kept our tradition of walking over to Bally Hoo.


The beer is always deliciously cold and the shrimp tacos are swell.


I missed sunset that evening but saw a glimmer of it as we walked into town to have dinner with friends Jan and Bruce.


We met this precious couple a number of years prior and love to get together to get caught up each year. I have the added bonus of visiting them on the beach. We started with drinks at Morgan’s but conversation was so engaging that we got the munchies and stayed for dinner. We ordered nachos


and lobster tacos.


D ordered shrimp again and they arrived with their heads and tails still on!

We made two stops on our way home to Luna, one for groceries and the other for gelato at the corner. I had Mango in a sugar cone and D had pistachio and caramel in a cup.

We did try to sit our back that evening but it was too chilly so it was early lights out on D’s first evening.

Kath’s quote: “Actually, the best gift you could have given her was a lifetime of adventures.”– Lewis Carroll


Love never fails.


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Isla Mujeres 2020 Trip Report-Day 6



The morning was still windy and overcast so I did not venture to the Malecon for sunrise. My niece and her new fiancé were staying in Cancun and blessed us with a visit. They had to sit through a gruelling time share presentation to acquire a golf cart for the day. Even though it was cool, it was a perfect golf cart day! We met them at the ferry.


We needed a golf cart destination so tootled off to Zama Beach Club. Since by then it was lunch time, we ordered libations and Riche and Marty chose their lunch.


They enjoyed their shrimp tacos and


Pico de Gallo.

We explored the island some more and then it was time to go shopping. Hortencia and her daughter-in-law Irma have stalls in the market behind the Loncherias. We love the family and typically restrict our shopping to them. Prices are amazing by comparison to those on Hidalgo. On one occasion I paid 1/3 for a pair of babies overalls that I had priced out on Hidalgo.

We still had time left on the cart so we headed to Fredy’s for Happy Hour. Marty decided he wanted a special vodka. Although Fredy is excellent at interpreting our English requests, Marty is French Canadian (yay another Frenchman in our family!) and was surprised when Fredy brought him a glass of vodka with slices of onion in it! We had a great laugh along side Fredy and the correct order was placed.



The gang gathered at the beach for sunset. The newly engaged couple had not yet made an official announcement so I offered to take a couple of shots for them at dusk.


Lorena took this family picture for us.


I returned the favour by taking one of her and Sister #3-oops!

The day trippers wanted to get back before it was too late so we headed to Lola Valentina’s for dinner! Our time, the cocktails and our dinner was absolutely fantastic but….the tale will have to wait for another time.

Kath’s quote: “Just keep swimming.”-Dory


Love never fails.



Isla Mujeres 2020 Trip Reports-Day 5





Met Jane for sunrise. After a lovely visit she was going to have breakfast and go back to sleep.



I also met Jean and Rich on the malecon and they reminded me that is was Ash Wednesday. When I am on vacation I don’t keep very good track of time but I often attend church on the island. On this morning, I loved the unusual rituals of following the priest outside so he could bless the symbols of the morning as well as bless the people who congregated. Even though the service was in Spanish the application of the cross from ashes on my forehead spoke in an universal language.


After I met Sister #3 and Lorena at the bus stop, we took the short bus ride to the Little Yellow School House for lunch and passed this other beautiful church where another service was going on.

day5-8 day5-9

LYSH is a beautiful program for children with intellectual disabilities on the island. This was the first time I had visited them. Their custom of making a lunch for sale every week on Wednesday, was a thoughtful way to get their students involved, bless the persons who came to knosh and make a little money at the same time.

Our next stop before getting back on the bus was at the Women’s Beading Co-operative where we enjoyed browsing and shopping.

I returned to Centro hot and sweaty so I walked to the beach where Jan and Bruce were sitting and had a quick swim and then a quick visit. Then I walked back home for a shower and to get ready for our dinner at Limon.


Black clouds rolled in as I was returning a bottle of wine to Jan and Bruce at their apartment almost next door. I came home ahead of the anticipated rain and spent another hour or so before I made way to the taxi loop and there was still no rain! You never know on Isla, a shower could come up quite unexpectedly but could also brew up for a big deluge. That is what happened on this evening.

When we arrived at Limon, we sat under the new platform but had to move as the rain was able to penetrate our shelter. So we finished dinner inside.


Lorena and L loved the cilantro chicken,


Sister #3 loved the arrachea and Brother 3#’s shrimp were enormous (sorry no pic)!


I really enjoyed the tortilla soup. Sergio treated us to dessert:


Bananas foster


and Sergio’s stuffed pineapple. Both were stellar!

Mean while the rain storm was building force, especially the wind. Power went off twice. Our taxi drove through flooded streets. The wind howled all night and I was continuously awakened by the lifting up of a big piece of sheet metal on the building site next door to my hotel.

Kath’s quote: “When it rains, look for the rainbows. When it is dark, look for the stars.” – Unknown

Isla Heart1

Love never fails.

Isla Mujeres 2020 Trip Report- Day 4





Do you see the outline of the cloud just above the horizon on the right? Doesn’t it mimic the outline of the coral right underneath it? I thought that was cool.


Another beautiful sunrise. I could get used to this.



No matter where you are, the colours of the island are breathtaking.


I met Sister #3 and Lorena at one of the Centro bus stops. We were going to Chedrui but was rooted through Colonia’s first.


My beautiful baby sister and look at the view out the window!

We didn’t mind, the return of bus service is very novel to us. I thought I had struck it rich at Chedrui finding no sugar, heart shaped cookies, lime and sea salt crunchie things, and cinnamon and pecan Special K. As I put the groceries away, I had a taste of everything and commended myself on the endeavour.




Then it was time to hit the beach. I walked the beach route to Media Luna to see if friends Jane and Peter were out by the pool but no luck.


So I continued around the tip of the island to visit Bro #3 and L on north beach.


It was another scorcher so I enjoyed a refreshing dip and as I was walking home past Rueben’s I realised it was Tuesday and you know what that means?! Crunchy tacos were on sale!


I was by myself so when I saw Penny also waiting for a table, we sat down at a table together. It was lovely to get acquainted and Ruben’s tacos were superb!

As I continued along I met Jane and Peter. They came up to check out XBulu Ha for future reference.



L waiting to capture that perfect shot.


Once again arrangements were made to connect with Brother #3 and L for sunset.

We were off to Ruben’s for supper! Think it sounds silly to return to a place for dinner, when you just enjoyed lunch there? That’s just how great Ruben’s is and so affordable you could eat each and every meal there.


Brother #3 enjoyed a burrito and L this Enchilada Suisa with both green and red sauce. She loved it!


I tucked into Ruben’s garlic shrimp which were aa-mm-aa-zz-ing!

Home for me was just down the block but my brother and his wife insisted on walking me-one of the fringe benefits of travelling with your little brother!

Covid Note: Ruben’s generosity is legendary. He raises money and toys so that no child is left out on King’s Day in January. Since Covid hit, he has rallied the troups to feed Isla. Why wouldn’t you want to support a restaurant owner who makes delicious, affordable food and give and gives and gives? I hope Ruben knows how much I love and appreciate him.

Kath’s quote: “Today, give yourself permission to be outrageously kind, irrationally warm, improbably generous. I promise it will be a blast.” Sasha Dicter

annes hearts

Photo credit-Anne. A talented lady I have actually never met in person but we have a great cyber friendship.

Love never fails.


Isla Mujeres 2020 Trip Report-Day 3






That morning’s glorious sunrise made up for the one I missed the day prior.

I met Jan and Bruce as I walked to the taxi stand to meet Sister #3. Since I had not had a real visit with them yet, I had lots of things to ask about. Sister #3 and I stopped at Luna d’Miel en route to Coco Jaguar to pick up my kitchen supplies that were stored from the previous year. We may not need them in 2021 as we are looking at some other alternatives.


We were to meet Maria, the manager at Coco Jaguar but unfortunately her phone had been stolen so she couldn’t let her staff know the circumstances.


The good news was that we spotted our long time friend Jean from the 2nd floor of Coco Jaguar. She was out on her daily walk but had been caught in a shower so we asked her to join us from our perch. It was so lovely to get caught up with her as she shared what the future might hold.


Since I missed out on breakfast I enjoyed a bowl of coconut pineapple yoghurt from a shared balcony on the front of the hotel when I got home. Later I sat up my little kitchen and then I hung out at the hotel before meeting some new friends. I have heard my bestie Melinda (who doesn’t live in the same city as me), speak of Jane for a number of years. It turned out that Jane and her husband Peter happened to be on the island at that time.

We met for bevvies at Esquina and to introduce ourselves to one another. As I was on my way to visit Hortencia, they walked with me and I was able to introduce them to Hortencia’s entire family. Jane indicated that she was going to return when it was cooler to select a pareo for a dress. They then walked with me to the beach so I was able to introduce the rest of our gang. Uncharacteristic of me, I went right in the ocean for a swim and then enjoyed a nice visit with Bro #3 and his wife L.


Later that same day I met Bro #3 and L outside of their hotel as we were going to catch the sunset together. Another sudden rain shower came up, so we continued our visit in their room at Los Arcos. I captured this from their little balcony.

Next up was dinner at Fredy’s. It was a bit delayed as a party of 20 that was supposed to show up at 6, didn’t arrive until 8 and then plugged up the kitchen.

We met Fredy’s new server Penny also from Canada.


Lorena and L loved Fredy’s fajitas,


Sister #3 her Mex plate


and Bro #3 his pork chop.


I took the opportunity to try Fredy’s tortilla soup-delish!

Covid comment: I see Fredy posting on Facebook so I assume all is well for he and his family. We love Fredy and Ana dearly and pray that they continue to be safe and well. Boy wouldn’t you love to be on Isla and greeted by Fredy’s sarcasm right about now?

Kath’s quote: “Home is where love resides, memories are created, friends always belong, and laughter never ends.”— Unknown


Love never fails.

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