Have you ever wanted to run a Bed and Breakfast?-Part One


D and I have always wondered what the experience of running a Bed and Breakfast would be like. We got very close to doing so when we stayed at and fell in love with a beautiful Victorian Home in Minnedosa, MB. We would have had to completely liquidate to make it happen and so it was not meant to be.

In the mean time Air BnBs came on the scene and we have really enjoyed hosting guests from all over the world into our River Heights home. We do so in the manner that Air BnB’s operate: a coded entry,

communication by texts, on line financial interactions, etc. We have met very few of our guests face to face and that is the piece that is missing for us. D and I have always been in the hospitality business, and we miss the welcome greeting, touring the space with the quests, providing for special requests, etc.

Sister #2 and her husband have a favourite place where they spend their anniversary each year. The property is located on the “other side” of the lake from where we all live at Lester Beach. In their conversation with the Owner/Hosts of Aaron’s on the Lake, Bed and Breakfast, it was determined that as much as Eleanore and Randy loved their business and their work, they would love a respite time where they could play some golf, meet with friends and do so much loved travelling. Sister #2 mentioned to them that D and I had the experience and inclination to run such a lodging and a new adventure had begun.

We started with an overnight visit, reacquainting ourselves with the pleasures of a BnB stay.

The yard, gardens, outbuildings and the main house at Aaron’s (on the Lake) created a calm and pleasurable atmosphere right from the moment we were greeted by Elenore. She was working hard in the garden, but gave us a tour as we settled in.

Their location right on the edge of Lake Winnipeg is perfect. If you open the window of their Lakeview room, you can hearing the gentle lapping of the waves at night.

A special feature at their location is that they are right next door to one of the areas many wooden piers. These are totally unique to us, having never seen one on “our” side of the lake.

D and I walked the entire horseshoe of the bay that first evening and then took our books (and libations) to end the night. Eleanore and Randy joined us for the sunset. I think we were pretty much made up our minds that becoming Guest Hosts at a BnB, made perfect sense.

That weekend, we followed the staff around, learning how to make up perfectly cozy beds, what extra touches were added to each and every room,

Eleanore keeps all their recipes on her phone.

make a sumptuous breakfast and a Aaron’s signature Charcuterie Board.

We drove home later that day, wanting to go to the next step in our training. And so, soon after, we arranged a weekend where we could go solo, with a safety net underneath us. Stay tuned for the details of our next BnB adventure, coming soon.

Kath’s quote: Jobs fill your pockets, adventures ill your soul.” –authour unknown

Love never fails.

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