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The Sandbar


This summer we’ve been drawn to The Sand Bar in Grand Beach over and over again.  We love Chef Ty’s authentic Danish and have dropped in for his $9.95 Steak Nights on Fridays (including a beer or glass of house wine).  Recently, we went just in time to order breakfast (last call at 11:45).  I dug into a gorgeous spinach and feta omelet with home-style potatoes and rich, dark rye toast.  D decided to “go for it”,  ordering the “big Breakfast”.  Big it was-2 pancakes served first and then an enormous platter of garlic sausage, bacon, breakfast links, toast, potatoes and three perfectly cooked eggs-all for$9.95.

We went back the next night for his all you can eat beer-battered (or pan fried) lake Winnipeg pickerel also for $9.95.  A mound of hand-cut fries, cole slaw, tartar sauce and three pickerel fillets to start.  My hungry brother and husband (both Dougs)  enjoyed another couple of servings which were cheerfully provided.

We said hey to Ty and his young and growing family on the way out from breakfast.  We are so encouraged to see a new generation of young chef’s who are willing to invest in a community like Grand Beach.

Kath’s quote:  “I am not a glutton…I am an explorer of food.”  Erma Bombeck

Perseverance Pays Off


I have always been motivated by rewards, even those that I have established for myself.  Today was my pack and tidy up day at the cottage.  I had spent a wonderful couple of weeks, working from the lake,  but it was time to head back to the city.  Since I had been on my own most of the time, I thought that the process would be pretty quick.  I was incorrect (or perhaps too thorough).  I was finally done about 1:30 and would have rewarded myself with a walk on the beach but the wind and waves were high and there was no beach left to walk.  I had not had lunch (or breakfast for that matter) so I packed up the car and turned north instead of towards Winnipeg.  My destination was Albert Beach to see what other goodies the little creperie called Le Gouter had to offer.  Appropriately named Le Gouter means: “to taste or have an afternoon snack”.

I not only found the area’s best French fry but what better place to indulge in a Quebecoise treat but in this little French beach community?  The poutine  was divine!  The lovely girl at the order counter even pronounced it authentically-not “poo-teen” as I requested but “poo-tin?” was her reply.  The gray was savoury and even though they serve a grated cheese rather than traditional cheese curds, the cheese was appropriately gooey and stringy.  The portion was so generous, that I took half of it home and we added it to the appetizer supper that we enjoyed in front of the football game on TV.

Kath’s quote:  “The potato, like man, was not meant to dwell alone.” – Shila Hibben

The Birchwood


Over the years we’ve had many meals at the Birchwood Hotel on Highway 59 (between Grand and Victoria Beach).  When the kids were younger and we spent Christmas holidays at the unwinterized cottage, we would go to the Birchwood to shower before company came out for New Year’s Eve.  We would take a room just so that we could take turns having showers and watch some satellite TV.  When we were all gussied up, we’d have lunch in the dining room before heading back to our little cabin in the woods.

We’ve also enjoyed many barbequed steak dinners on the patio with various configurations of family and friends.

The special last night was pan fried pickerel and I couldn’t resist.    It included a homemade and hearty steak and potato soup.  Fish & Chips, Chicken Fingers & Chips and Chicken Quesadillas were also sampled.   The food they make from scratch is well seasoned and prepared, the items they throw into a deep fry basket, not so much.  But there is good value,  the beer was cold, Rascal Flats was playing and we had a lovely evening.

Kath’s quote: “Only a fool argues with a skunk, a mule or a cook.”
cowboy saying.

Crepe Surprize


Since it was not beach weather on Sunday, we decided to head into the city early but not before we scouted up some brunch.  We headed north to Albert Beach, to the east of Hwy 59 just before the stretch of highway to Victoria Beach.  As is typical of the beach communities of Lake Winnipeg, Albert Beach is primarily a French area (Victoria is British, Lester is German, etc.)  Just across the street from Saffies’s General Store, is a little hamburger stand that also serves authentic crepes.

Summer staff were being trained on the art of crepe pouring/spreading and flipping.  There are sweet selections of nutella, banana and strawberry and savoury choices which were perfect for a late brunch.  The traditional savoury recipe is made from buckwheat.  We ordered one of ham and cheese and another of spinach and tomato.  The ham and cheese started with a drizzle of hollandaise and then a slice of Swiss cheese and another of old fashion ham.  The veggie one began with a spread of pesto, a layer of tomato, a crumble of feta and then both crepes were folded into triangles and placed back onto the crepe pan to melt the cheese.

Kath’s quote: “…sprinkled with sugar and eaten hot, they form an exquisite dish. They have a golden hue and are tempting to eat. Thin and transparent like muslin, their edges are trimmed to resemble fine lace. They are so light that after a good dinner, a man from Agen is still willing to sample three or four dozen of them! Crêpes form an integral part of every family celebration. Served with white wine, they take pride of place on all joyful occasions.”-Anatole France

A Perfect Mother’s Day


The simplest things in life fill me with joy.  Today was one of those amazing days.  I woke up in our snugly cottage after a ten hour sleep!  I can never sleep that long in the city.  After our morning coffee we headed down the back trail to enjoy a Masala tea and grilled cinnamon bun at The Spirit Rock Cafe.  While there, Julie recommend that we try the Danish made by a Danish baker across the street at  The Sand Bar Motor Inn.  We purchased two maple and pecan delights that I thought were going to be for later in the day, but when my husband started in on his-I wasn’t going to be left behind.  Delish.  We perused the Mother’s Day buffet and were duly impressed-$9.95 for quiche, eggs Benedict and more danish varieties.  Next year…..

On a sugar high, we decided to walk the beach.  I have still seen ice on the lake some May Long Weekends and here we were in t-shirts and I in a skirt walking the sand with no one else in sight-bliss.Lester Beach 2007 064

My husband tidied the cottage while I finished my book on the deck.  The kids assembled for dinner and our son handled the barbeque.  Pork chops are my favourite supper and his were cooked to perfection.P5090174

Gifts of a beach bag and a pashmina in mauves and aquas, a hand-thrown pottery wine decanter and a Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution followed.  Beautiful and heartfelt cards from my girls and a sung card from my guy. 

A simply perfect day-I love being a Mom!

Kath’s quote: “The highlight of my childhood was making my brother laugh so hard that food came out of his nose.”-Garrison Keillor


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