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Get Out Your Jammies



As if Sister #2 and #3 hadn’t done enough for Boo by hosting an amazing bridal shower (with assistance from the other aunties), then they go and host a second event to celebrate the pre-nuptials.


The bridesmaids had arranged for a bachelorette night at one of Winnipeg’s clubs but first we assembled for a cocktail and lingerie party at the beautiful home of Sister #2.


I contributed these breadsticks rolled with arugula, provolone cheese & prosciutto ham and eggplant stuffed with basil, roasted red peppers & ricotta cheese


and coconut shrimp.


Sushi was ordered in



and Sister #2 made two savoury bruschettas


as well as her infamous phyllo-wrapped asparagus with béarnaise sauce for dipping.


Sister #3 delighted everybody with her mushrooms Neptune.


There was fruit and chocolate fondue for dessert.

Gifts were open (no-you are not going to see my baby’s lingerie….) with party games thereafter.  Soon the limo arrived to sweep them off for an evening at a private suite at a club.

In attendance:


The blushing bride with her aunties.


Goddaughter #1 with Daughter #1.


IDS friends and J2.


Boo with a bridesmaid.


Beautiful niece and Maid of Honour.


More beautiful nieces,


and another beautiful friend.

Kath’s quote: “A good marriage is like a casserole, only those responsible for it really know what goes in it.” Anonymous

BeFunky_Heart meringue

Love-that is all.




A Most Hospitable Wedding


The Frenchman is now officially a part of our family.  The wedding took place on a glorious fall Sunday afternoon.  I have watched in fascination as they toiled to make their day one of love, comfort, joy, simplicity and hospitality.


Our family of “helpers”.

The objective was very intentional and with a vision shared by their bridal party, friends, family and the folks at Fort Gilbraltar, they beautifully achieved their goal.

The scripture quote below from Romans was read at their wedding ceremony.  It is also the theme of this blog space and is quoted on the “About”.  So how did Reb and Seb go about “practicing hospitality” on their wedding day?


They knew that they wanted to celebrate somewhere in St. Boniface.  Since Seb is French and Reb is Metis, the geography made perfect sense.  If you recall, Seb had proposed on the Provencher St. Bridge.  Their ultimate choice of Fort Gilbraltar as their venue had a great deal to do with the success of the day.  They were quite sure when they met with the expert staff at the fort that their vision for the day was embraced by all.


The room was soft and warm even before it was full of all the people who love the couple and had traveled from near and far to celebrate the day with them.


With personal touches like the decorating of the mantle, it felt like you had entered someone’s amazing home.


The outside space at the fort is almost as beautiful as the inside and provided a relaxed space for the kids to run around and the adults to enjoy the last warm rays of the setting sun.  Late in the evening a bonfire was lit and little paper bags of smore fixings were set out for a treat.


The split second timing of the wedding party entrance was absolutely magical and set the scene for the rest of the evening.

I decided that it would be crass for me to take photos of the food throughout the evening and so I don’t have specific details to share with you, except to say that Reb & Seb also wanted the eating portion of the celebration to be in keeping with their overall vision.  As a result, instead of having a formal sit down dinner or even a buffet style where people would be “stuck” at a table, they wanted finger food to be passed around for a considerable length of time so that guests would be satiated but unconfined during the process.  My personal favourite were the mini tortieres, both in theme and taste.  But the biggest hit was the poutine bar that was set up late in the evening.  Not only were the fries perfection (and you likely know that I am a French Fry snob) but the savoury gravy and the “real” cheese curds were sublime.  I am a purist regarding my poutine but I understand that the pulled pork topping was an enormous hit as well.


Of utmost importance to Reb and Seb was that the joy of the day would be captured in an informal and unobtrusive manner.  The fabulous ladies of  “Hello Love Photography” ensured that this was achieved.

Kath’s quote: “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.  Share with the Lord’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality.”


Love-that is all.

The Essence of a Bridal Shower



At daughter Boo’s recent bridal shower, I learned during Sister #2’s toast, where bridal showers originated.  Supposedly there was a time when a community would gather round a new bride if her parents disapproved of the groom and did not present her with a dowry.  Such is not the case with Boo’s choice of husband as we love the Frenchman and cannot wait for him to join our family.  Although these origins seem a little punitive and unforgiving, I think that showers are wonderful occasions.  If you happen to live in my extended family you are doubly blessed because we have some extraordinary event planners in our midst.  As one of the attendees indicated: “Lovely afternoon- the love and care was palpable. I honestly don’t know more sincerely kind women than the 3 of you! Well spoken, articulate, amazing cooks and beautiful to add!”


Here are Sister #2 and #3 (I’ll remind you that I AM Sister #1).  Sister #2 on the right has a twin but it is not Sister #3, even though they look so much alike.  Brother #3 is her twin.

Sister #2 managed the food and Sister #3 the décor.  When you are careful planners and divvy up the work, an event like this flows like the love that was in the room.




Hot pink and orange were the colour choices.


Orange for the season and pink for femininity.  Guests were invited to make date suggestions and offer words of marriage wisdom to the bride and groom.  What a simple but fabulous idea.


Sister #3 was also responsible for the cupcake wedding dress that was as delicious as it was beautiful.


Old school quiche is such a convenient lunch entrée.  They can be made ahead and heated up or are equally delicious luke warm (just make sure that you keep them refrigerated up until serving time and then get left-overs back into the fridge).


Salad varieties were: orange and romaine, Chinese noodle and Greek quinoa.  We have someone who is highly nut allergic in our family so she was walked through the ingredient list in advance.


Other “Aunties” contributed the salads for lunch.



Sarah said these took four tries-but now she’s perfected them!



the bridal attendants baked desserts and then did a great job with the flow of gifts to be unwrapped, itemized and displayed.


Faces in the crowd.


My two Moms.  My first Mom on the left (almost ninety) and my 2nd Mom since I married her son over thirty years ago on the right (almost eighty).  Both Moms know how to cook, how to give good gifts, how to stay looking young and how to be as full of joy as life’s circumstances will allow.  They have taught me well.  And soon Boo will have two Mom’s (well three actually).  I have shared in her mothering with Sister #3 and as of next month, she will officially be mothered by the Frenchman’s Mom as well.  I love being your Mom, Boo.

Kath’s quote: “When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.”  ~Nora Ephron, When Harry Met Sally


Love-that is all.





An Important First


As much as my primary premise in life and in this space is that food=love, there are times when I will contradict myself and declare that the food was the least important aspect of an evening and that love was still satiating a time and space.  Case in point: yesterday morning I texted Boo (Daughter #2) to ask if she would be home for dinner.  I had been spending time recently at the Beach House and I was missing her.  She replied “no, but would you and Dad like to come over and share supper with The Frenchman and me at his apartment”?  Was she kidding?  Would we like to?  First-time apartment dinners are a mountain-top experience in the story of a family!  I clearly remember the first time I invited family members over to my Kennedy St. apartment while still attending university.  In those days my budget/culinary skills/epicurean tastes revolved around instant noodles, peanut butter and chicken.  But, I carefully set the beautiful thrift-store table owned by my roomie with the blue willow earthenware that I still have (although they have been retired to add some colour to my perennial garden).  As usual, I digress…  You get the picture: these first invites are a very big deal!


Boo and the Frenchman carefully selected the location of Seb’s apartment together so that it could be their first home when they marry in October.  But because it is to the “their” apartment, not only a interim bachelor pad, they are unpacking and decorating it  together, slowly and with care.


The item that holds the most significance for me is their kitchen table which was one of two kitchen tables in our family home of almost sixty years.  My Mom and Dad purchased it upon my advice when a friend of ours owned a funky shop in Osborne Village called Form and Function.  My Bestie worked there (now lives in TO but we are getting together this weekend) but I helped out on the busy Saturdays prior to Christmas.  The table top is authentic maple butcher block and has survived the years with beauty and grace and will continue to for many more.  The Frenchman is just going to give it a light sanding and a massage of olive oil.

My most distinct memory of the table is it being laden with brunch items for our annual Christmas get together as an extended family – a mere 35 of us!


Supper last night was absolutely delicious: make your own taco salad or soft tacos.  Boo didn’t want me to make a “fuss” about what they were serving because it was such an impromptu get together (in my mind, the best kind).  Even still, the table was thoughtfully set and the variety of fresh veggies carefully sliced.  We got caught up a bit and then continued to discuss wedding logistics and plans.

As we made the short drive home, D and I chatted about the tradition, joy, anticipation and hope that surrounds Boo and the Frenchman and fills their future home.

Kath’s quote: “Whenever I get married, I start buying Gourmet magazine.” -Nora Ephron

Processed with Moldiv

Photo credit: The Frenchman’s Dad

Love-that is all.

Wedding Plans-Episode Two


The next major step for the lovebirds was finding the ideal venue for the wedding.  The church was not an issue as they attend the same church and in fact their Pastor was instrumental in creating the opportunity for them to court.  While they were together in South Africa, they were visited by the gentleman (who would eventually become their pastor) whom offered the Frenchman an internship in Winnipeg.  So, in the fall of the year that they returned to Canada, the Frenchman had an excuse (or perhaps a second one) to move to Winnipeg.  When their engagement was announced to the congregation, their Pastor lead a chorus of “It is about time!”  I guess true love is an obvious state.

Harder though, was finding the right venue.  There were so many things to consider.  They wanted a fall wedding and so they looked for a place to reflect the cozy and rustic season.  They wanted a casual feel because they are laid back people.  They were hoping that there could be some outdoor space because they are also the outdoorsy types.  They hoped that it could somehow be close to the neighbourhood of their many dates and engagement on the Provencher Bridge.  They also wanted a place that would reflect the blending of their cultures: first generation French and more distantly- Scottish Metis.  They needed to consider a central location close to hotels for out of town guests.  The facility had to be wheelchair accessible as there will be a number of guests who use wheelchairs.  Of course, of utmost importance would be the imaginative and authentic taste and presentation of the FOOD.  They knew that their search was going to be difficult, in fact close to impossible.  After a couple of stressful weeks, much research and many rejections,  they found THE perfect venue!

I am not going to reveal all of their special arrangements with Fort Gilbralter but I will tell you that their event planner Angie and Shawn who will take care of all the food details, could not possibly be more helpful with suggestions and things to remember and consider.  We know that the food will be excellent as we dine as often as we can at Shawn’s nearby restaurant The Promenade.  In addition, Fort Gilbralter’s website is fantastic with video views so that the engaged couple can actually visualize the room, the placement and flow of their guests in the room and how to set up the room for maximum space and mobility.

Kath’s quote: May their joys be as bright as the morning, and their sorrows but shadows that fade in the sunlight of love.” -Minna Thomas Antrim

Love-that is all.

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