Cooking Up a Storm-Part 1


My Daddy taught me many lessons but the most important was the value of hard work.  We have passed this trait along to our children.  This summer our youngest has held down 2 almost full time jobs and 2 part time jobs.  Needless to say, when she is not working, she is sleeping.  I sometimes see her before noon but only if she has received a long distance phone call from a special someone.  Well this morning that someone has arrived as our guest.  It is only 9 am and she is not only awake, she has already cooked a multi-coursed breakfast which is currently being consumed in the dining room.

In anticipation of this arrival, she also wanted to get some special meals in the freezer.  So this past weekend we cooked up a storm.

I’ve learned from my parents and now I am learning from my children.  I’ve thought a lot lately about the many benefits of batch cooking.  Not only is it a time, stress and money saver but it is an environmental saver as well:

you can purchase ingredients in larger quantities (i.e. less packaging) because you are cooking them all at once

you only heat up elements and the stove once instead of many times in a week

you use less dishes as a saute pan can be used for more than one item

you only do one large load of dishes, pots and pans, instead of many smaller loads during the week

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of all of this is that Daughter #2 made small dishes of everything to share with Daughter #1-that’s my girl!

Most of the dishes that we made have recipes previously posted on this site (with one exception) as they are family favourites.  Our list was:  Italian Sausage Spaghetti Sauce, Classy Chicken (curried chicken and broccoli), Chicken Enchiladas, Gourmet Mac and Cheese and Hamburger Soup.  Almost all these are from the Best of Bridge cookbook series-which includes convenient and kid-friendly recipes that we relied upon as our family was growing up.

Kath’s quote:  “In general, I think, human beings are happiest at table, when they are very young or very much in love.”-M.F.K. Fisher

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“Cooking Up a Storm-Part 1”

  1. Avatar August 12th, 2010 at 10:15 am bellini valli Says:

    Batch cooking is a necessity especially when you have a busy work schedule.

  2. Avatar November 12th, 2012 at 10:22 am Kathryne’s Salted Caramel Cashew Cookies | Sobeys Blog Says:

    […] and embrace any and all opportunities to save energy (both personal energy and traditional energy). Batch cooking and cookie exchanges are two of my favourite ways to do this. I have been a part of a holiday […]

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