Day Two, Part 2-Flamenco & Boat Tour


We may have put on some extra steps when searching for the Flamenco venue, but we were still too early for the show, so we popped into this bistro just around the corner to our destination. I loved the decor and the Pacifico was ice cold, so we were content.

Unfortunately, we were not permitted to take photos of the performance until the very end. I opted to take a video and unfortunately, I cannot post it here. So close your eyes and imagine this scene: the musician is stellar with his agile fingers flying all over his guitar. The singer’s voice is strong and mournful and even without understanding her words, I was moved by her lament. The dancer was the biggest surprise. No cassinettes or crinolines, she wore a simple “folk” dress and stomped around the stage in a vengeful manner. When she hiked up her skirts, the emphasis became almost sexual.

But our day was not over yet! We made our way back to the Harbour for a sunset cruise on the bay. From this vantage we could see the top of Alcazaba and learned that it is an old Moorish fortified palace which has stood guard over Malaga for nearly a thousand years. It is said that the impressive building is undoubtedly the finest surviving example of a Moorish citadel in Spain.

By contrast we soon came upon this whimsical art installation.

High end condos and shops created a half moon around the marina.

In the mid-upper photo, to the left of the middle palm tree you may see El Cubo. The close up of the coloured glass walls is above. Special art displays appear in this space on a rotating basis. The Cube was recently a stop on the Amazing Race.

The sun was just about to set as we boarded the boat. Do you notice that the Spanish skies aren’t particularly blue? I read about smog in Spain and found out that Malaga is moderately polluted.

The Three Sisters ready to leave the port. Could we look any happier?

I mentioned the sunset, I thought that these cranes looked like giraffes coming to a water hole to refresh themselves.

When we disembarked, I noticed the elevated series of lights above the city. That is the Alcazaba that I mentioned above.

We still had not stopped for dinner, so decided to choose between the restaurant offerings at the harbour. The sisters let me pick and I think that I surprised them with my choice.

Kath’s quote: “Travelling in the company of those we love is home in motion.”– Leigh Hunt

Love never fails.

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