Departure Day Prague


I didn’t take this photo of a sculpture to honour Franz Kafka on our last morning in the square but I couldn’t leave my recounting of Prague without posting it. Fascinating people came from this fascinating place.

We searched for a cafe with tables and chairs in the sun, to have our last coffees and get caught up on life. Sister #2 doesn’t wear sunglasses. She hasn’t learned our secret that they hide the wrinkles for photo opportunities.

We were whiling away the time, when something interesting to us occurred. A gentleman sitting a couple of tables over from us, overheard that we were Canadian and asked us if we followed hockey. I am a big supporter of our hometown team so I replied: “only the Winnipeg Jets”, to which he said “oh you are from Winnipeg. Have you ever heard of Thomas Steen?” Steen, originally from Sweden (where this man was also from) had recently returned to Sweden after living for 40 years in Winnipeg and raising his NHL hockey playing sons in our city. Last night when I was at a Jets game, Thomas Steen was introduced to the adoring crowd as part of a ceremony to celebrate another Scandinavian hockey star-Teemu Selanne. What a coincidence that this connection would occur 1,000 miles away from Winnipeg!

Our final order of business was retracing our steps to order trdelniks from the shop owner above. Sister #3 and I both selected Nutella and were duly impressed by the creamy (not too sweet ice cream) placed into a cylinder cone unlike any ice cream cone we had ever tasted. It was decadent and didn’t fit into our typically nutritious diet but we loved the taste and it was fun to wander down the street for the last time, taking tastes as we walked.

With this last photo it was good-bye Prague but not quite yet.

We still had time to kill before our UBER fetched us so we had one last visit to Pekny bistro for delicious tea with honey, said farewell to our young friend at the apartment front desk and were whisked away, beautiful memories in tact.

Kath’s quote: “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” -authour unknown

Love-that is all.

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