Sister #3 is a “Somebody Feed Phil” fan and researched what restaurants in the central area had been featured on his show. She knew that Gallagher’s Boxty House was included in Phil’s Dublin Itinerary so we had a reservation for later that day. Turns out though, that after our bus tour, we were hungry, cold and getting weary from our weeks of travel so we showed up on their door step a couple of hours early. And were welcomed with open arms.

What is Boxty, you might ask?

Traditional Irish boxty are the epitome of pancakes for potato lovers! Combining mashed and raw potato with buttermilk they are as versatile as a tortilla or crepe.

But first things first. This was our last meal in Dublin so of course beer was our amuse bouche.

Our meals had not been vegetable rich in Dublin so Sister #2 started with a salad of pear, pecans and blue cheese salad.

Boxty dates back to the 1700s in Irish households where potatoes were relied upon to survive. There are actually three types of boxty: boil, baked and pan boxty. The word “boxty” comes from the Irish phrase “aran bocht ti” meaning poorhouse bread. One of the sisters had a boxty filled with chicken in a leek cream sauce

and the other steak and a mushroom pepper sauce.

Since this was my last holiday meal, I opted (again) for fish and double fried chips. I just couldn’t get my head around around a potato pancake even though I love Jewish Latkes and Norwegian Lefse. The sisters offered me tastes and I was pleasantly surprised but then I tasted one of the most delectable things ever….

Boxty fries are made when they slice the pancakes into strips, season them and fry them to a crispy, crunchy golden brown!

But the other hit that afternoon was our waiter Giorgio. He was efficient and so sociable. I felt bad when I didn’t order what he recommended! He had so many stories to tell of his life back home in Croatia and his Irish life trying to put his son through university. We were fascinated.

And of course, he had met Phil Rosenthal so Sister #3 had to rub shoulders with him! She thought that she might post this photo on Phil’s website. It was so wonderful to see her so happy and a fun place to end our European eating adventure.

Kath’s quote: “Well, did you ever take potato cake and boxty to the school. Tucked underneath your oxter with your books, your slate, your rule?”

Love never fails.

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