Prague Day 4, Part 2-Dinner at Marina Restaurante


Sister #2 pictured with me here has a very busy job with our federal government doing important work. As a result, she had to leave all the planning of our European trip to Sister #3 and I. We got her to okay all our decisions, but she trusted us to book flights, hotels, the works! Being the lovely and generous person she is, she wanted to thank Sister #3 and I by treating us to an evening out. Our last dinner in Prague seemed like the perfect opportunity.

We spent a little extra time getting ready. You should have seen the number of rejected pics we took before we settled on this one!

We chose to dine at the Marina Restaurante, a lovely Italian place on a boat on the river with a view of the Charles bridge and Prague castle. We knew that it was a touristy choice, but guess what? We were tourists and loved everything the location had to offer!

The setting gave me the opportunity to capture Prague Castle at dusk. I was very pleased with this shot.

Here’s another of a tour boat just about to go under the Charles Bridge. The lights of the bridge and the reflection on the water, made for this lovely capture too. But, to the food!

We started with grilled scallops with pancetta in bisque,

grilled goat cheese with beet and apple salad,

and pumpkin soup with ravioli. As the shallow bowls were served, we took exactly a third and then shifted them in a clockwise manner so the next sister could taste. As I said before, we sisters know how to fairly share.

Sister #3 and I split a pasta selection of citrus linguine Frutti di Mare, dotted with shrimp, mussels and tuna. The latter being a new taste for us. I particularly loved the light citrus embellishment of the pasta.

Sister #2 selected the risotto in cuttle fish ink with shrimp, sun dried tomato and buffalo mozzarella. We were concerned that the cuttle fish ink might have been too fishy for her but that was not the case.

We ended the evening with a coconut cheesecake.

The wine list was skewed towards Italian selections. I chose a fairly affordable glass of red and received the scantiest glass of wine I think I have ever been served in a restaurant. Oh well, when in Rome…

After our order was taken, we didn’t see a whole lot of our server but items from the kitchen were delivered pleasingly hot by a waiter’s assistant. The place was bustling, and it was fun to watch the bartender making conversation with the ladies perched on bar stools. Our server did come by at bill time to take our picture. Since I write this blog, I get to choose the pictures that I post and I am not including that one!

We took an Uber home even though the restaurant was very close to our apartments, where we packed up to be ready for our last hours in Prague.

Kath’s quote: “Food brings people together on many different levels. It’s nourishment of the soul and body; it’s truly love. – Giada De Laurentiis

Love-that is all.

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