Waking up in Malaga!


Our first morning in Malaga, I for one was too excited to sleep in and I made my way to the kitchen before anyone else was up. I opened the shade and this was my reward and surprise! La Trinidad (The Trinity Church) right outside our kitchen window.

I quietly made my way to see the view from the front of the apartment off the balcony and this was my surprise!

The view became even more special as the sun continued to rise.

Since my sisters were still sleeping I opened my bedroom window and hung out above the street as I sipped my coffee to see yet another beautiful church.

We had a lovely breakfast of cheese, pears, baguette and jam as Sister #2 volunteered to traipse to the grocery store just down the street.

We followed our hosts directions as to how to get to Old Town, just happy to stroll and discover. We peaked down the street on our walking route and saw the church of the Sacred Heart built in the 20s.

Soon we came upon a gorgeous square with a fountain that served as a guidepost for us for future days. Sisters two and three had a 3 minute rest.

We explored the many sides streets of quaint shops and restaurants.

Another short stroll ahead and we were at Malaga’s Cathedral. We wanted to spend some time in the shadow of the cathedral as the day was becoming warm and we craved some shade. Instead of stopping at this cafe,

we found benches at one of the cathedral doors.

This fellow was pretty fascinating to watch, especially when we saw him later in one of the streets, pulling his genie lamp in a cart behind him.

Since we were still acclimatizing to a tropical climate (from Prague just hours earlier) when we came upon this lush urban oasis, we rejuvenated there.

I have enjoyed Bird of Paradise” in bouquets before but had never seen them in a garden.

There were tiled “sectional couches” (or so they resembled) right by this fountain so we claimed them for a beautiful rest, pinching ourselves that we were in summer-like Spain in October.

Adjacent to the park was this glorious avenue and it was from there that we retraced our steps.

This was the entrance to Fortress Alcazaba. In the Arab period, the sea which was close by lapped up against the lower walls. When we took a boat tour later in the week, we could see the castle and its walls from the water.

By this time we were peckish and looked longingly at the shaded tables full of people enjoying their midday meal. So we grabbed a table at Sanchez!

Kath’s quote: “We all have a hungry heart, and one of the things we hunger for is happiness. So as much as I possibly could, I stayed where I was happy.”-Mary Oliver

Love-that is all.

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