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When people find out that I write a blog entry every morning, they are surprized that I can figure out what to write about every day.  Actually, the opposite is true for me-I have a long list of topics that I want to get to and sometimes I get behind.  This is my explanation for why I have not yet written about our fabulous office Christmas Party Dinner.  The irony here is that I am self-employed and have no employees.  But after a long career working for other companies which included many truly amazing Christmas parties, I did not want to miss out on the tradition.  So D and I got together with three other female business owners and their significant others.  One friend had her previous Christmas Party at Breezy Bend Golf and Country Club just to the west of the city.  And so it was- we were all set.

Our first course was Roast Rabbit stuffed with lobster and fruit-a rare and pleasantly unique taste.  The soup was a savoury Cream of Butternut Squash with fois gras custard. 

I chose an Angus Prime Steak with butter and herbs for my entree.  I didn’t get a photo to do it justice (note to self-perhaps you should not have that glass of wine until after your official duties are done).  The perfectly grilled steak came with a cone of french fries that arrived standing upright on the plate.  Unfortunately, I was so anxious to tuck in, that I spilled them out before I realized what I was up to.  D on the other hand has more couth than me and did not dig in before I got this photo of his Halibut with molasses glace and pistachio crust.

The salad was this gorgeous assembly of Root Vegetables.

By the time dessert was set to arrive we were having a wonderful time-  getting caught up on various connections, sharing plans for New Year’s and upcoming trips and toasting the success of a satisfying year.  The Chef came out to meet our table and ensure that we had enjoyed our evening.   Chef Klaus had trained with Chef Tony from the St. Charles as a student-a rare honour that my husband D also had the privilege of doing. 

Klaus shared that he got extra inventive with our dessert course, using a “take your medicine” theme.  What fun-a big white pill that was a delightful marshmallow cream, creme brulee in a pill jar and the best of all-a shooter of a fresh fruit puree.  I do have a photo of D and I administering the syringe to each other….maybe some other time. 

Kath’s quote:  “Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food.”-Hippocrates

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