Guest Blogger-Sister #3 “Glee Club Celebrates Mom”


I have written here before about my dinner club GLEE (girls laughing, eating and entertaining).  Over the years these women have become very dear to my heart.  Recently two sisters who are members of the GLEE club lost their mom. So it felt a bit strange planning a GLEE celebration scheduled to take place shortly after their loss.  It was decided that our theme would be celebrating our moms by bringing a dish that reminded us of our moms.  I am the only GLEE member fortunate enough to still have her mom. 


Our evening always starts with a cocktail to match our theme so in keeping with her mom’s tradition, K provided a fully stocked bar that was prepared to make any kind of cocktail your heart could desire. 


Her sister H provided the shrimp cocktail and cheese and crackers to enjoy with our cocktails. Their mom Ruth was a hard working nurse and farm wife whose entertainment style was warm and simple. 

B was on salad duty and brought a delicious beet salad served on romaine. B’s mom was a sweet and elegant lady who died this year, just days before her 100th birthday.  



Our main course was roast beef with Yorkshire pudding and gravy, another of Ruth’s staples.  It was accompanied by L’s mom’s vegetable casserole and I provided cabbage rolls in honour of my mom. 


For dessert we enjoyed K’s mom’s chocolate chip snack cake.

So happy mother’s day everyone. Regardless of if your mom is here on earth or in heaven, be sure to take time to remember her today.

Kath’s quote: “Every year the number of new cookbooks increases, but in spite of them the progress made in this most useful of the arts is not ever overpowering. On the contrary, we must regretfully admit that nowadays people no longer prepare the fine and nourishing dishes that our mothers used to make.”-Anna Dorn, Cookbook Author (1834)


Love-that is all.


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“Guest Blogger-Sister #3 “Glee Club Celebrates Mom””

  1. Avatar May 12th, 2014 at 5:15 pm Patricia Thomson Says:

    Lovely! Ruth would have been pleased!

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