May Long


May long was an eating extravanganza starting on Friday night when J&J made grilled Italian sausage and tri-pepper spaghetti.  Later that evening at the “big” cottage niece number #1 put out olives, feta and blue cheese and toasted pita chips.  Dessert was a sumptuous carrot cake served around the fire. 


D got organized in the city and made four different kinds of quiche for Saturday brunch-Loraine, sausage and pepper and spinach & artichoke.  We were on supper duty that night too and D made chicken satee skewers with grilled mushrooms, eggplant and peppers.


We had campfire pies for dessert that night.  White bread with the crusts removed and then buttered on one side.  In between, a single or combination choice of blueberry, apply, peach or cherry pie filling.  Then they get lowered into the fire and slowly turned or moved on a regular basis.  When ready, they taste like a little piece of custom made pie.  The night ended with the opening of champagne at midnight as it was daughter #3’s champagne birthday.

The celebration continued the next morning with eggs Benedict made with béarnaise instead of the traditional hollandaise.  That night for dinner was another grilled feast with our families’ favourite of rice mixed with sautéed onions and toasted pine nuts.  And a tower of angel food cake and strawberries for the birthday girl…..


P52302512_editedMonday brunch was our last meal of bacon fried outside on the barbeque and blueberry pancakes with real maple syrup.  In between were numerous snacks of taco chips and salsa, Miss Vicky’s chips, ripple chips and onion/sour cream dip and white cheddar popcorn.   The bar was flowing with margaritas, mojitoes, pina coladas, beer of every description and fine shirazes. 

Kath’s quote: “You can judge a successful long weekend by how badly you need a shower by Monday night.”


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