Our Canadian/American Family Gathers-Part 2


The rest of the afternoon was spent with more visiting and a team scavenger hunt (where my team reigned victorious)!  Then it was off to the local park for a cross-border softball game.

Everyone who was willing was invited to partake from the youngest to Grandma Jean herself.  There were some surprize hitters and base runners and it was a close match.  Lightning called an end to the game and the start of our picnic supper.

In the end the Canadians won (in our minds at least)-consistent with the Olympics we brought home a bronze…..   Supper was another all American feast of fried chicken, beans and cole slaw.

After a leisurely morning sipping big mugs of coffee, we assembled for brunch on Sunday morning which was put together at various kitchens and by a variety of participants.  There was an egg casserole, French toast, fruit salad and pecan, cinnamon buns-yum.

Catching (and releasing) baby trout with a net.

The youngest member of the gang, still in his pjs.

Hanging on tight to Big Mable.

Prince Harry hair styles on the Ladyman brothers.

The sky had cleared and the temperature had risen and water sports dominated the rest of our stay.  Various configurations of cousins went fishing in the stream and lake, tubing, kayaking and sojourned to a floating trampoline.  I got to join in on an invigorating speed boat ride to the other end of the lake where we spotted loons and a perched eagle upon our return.

Family members started making their departures at staggered intervals.  Almost an hour was spent when D and I decided to do the same, exchanging emails and making declarations to befriend each other on Facebook so that we could keep in closer touch.   I love when social media is used for positive connections and not just frivolity and gossip.

Actually, there was a rumour started even before we had pulled out of the drive way, that the next get together would take place on the Canadian side, eh?

Thank you Sharon, Dan, Danny, Nancy, Dale, Tammy and all the kids for all your trouble hosting and loving us with food.

Kath’s “In any world menu, Canada must be considered the vichyssoise of nations — it’s cold, half-French, and difficult to stir.”-James Stuart Keateqyote

Found on the little island where I spent my morning.

Love-that is all.

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