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IMG_0259We recently had a sushi making party in our kitchen.  Our gang is sushi crazy and even though they have found affordable places to dine and special promotions on certain nights of the week, the cost still adds up when you are a) leaving for South Africa in a few days or b) getting married in two weeks.  Such is the case for our two youngest kids.  But instead of cancelling their night out, they went to Safeway and came home with $10 worth of veggies.  I already had the Norri, sushi rice and panko flakes at home.  Oh yea and we provided the libations as well.  $10 goes a very long way as there is a stack of rolls still in the fridge and a bowl of tempura veggies.IMG_0262

Well the tunes got cranked and they had as much fun making their supper as they would have had going out (they even did an admirable job of clean up).  Instead of getting hung up on certain recipes, they laid everything out and every made their favourite concoctions.  All were delicious but I was especially fond of the tempura yam roll.

For foodies (and a new generation of foodies), it’s the preparation, not just the dining that is fun.  We love to be invited over for dinner and asked to help out in the kitchen.  It is a great opportunity to learn new tricks and visit in a relaxing atmosphere.  My husband has come up with a great idea.  We are PVRing episodes of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives which is one of our favourite shows on the Food Network.  Next time we invite friends over, we will pre-plan and have all the right ingredients purchased, then we’ll watch an episode with friends and then proceed to the kitchen to cook it all up.

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“Sushi Making Night”

  1. Avatar January 14th, 2010 at 8:40 am Lori D. Says:

    I just had a sushi making night with my girlfriends as well! We usually go out to a restaurant to celebrate birthdays every few months.. but seeing how crazy December always is, we decided to have a “night in” and make sushi together. A friend of a friend who is also a chef joined us and got us all the authentic ingredients and actually made us little instruction cards. I have them all typed out if you would like to see them!

  2. Avatar January 14th, 2010 at 9:38 am Sister #3 Says:

    I love the Drive-ins, Diners & Dive idea! Are you buying a deep fryer? You may need one!

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