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Do you pine away over a particular food memory?  I’ll admit it-I do.  Years ago D and I were invited to dinner and the theatre by life long friends.  Since the original Tre Visi on McDermot Ave. is so close to The Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre, we could dine and walk to the theatre without having to repark our car.  Even though parking rates aren’t anywhere near as exorbitant as other major Canadian Urban centres, you do not want park twice.  The issue is not the money, it is the winter temperature in the middle of the Canadian prairie.  On that night, D and I shared a bowl of gnocchi and truth be told, I have lusted over that taste, ever since.

The newest Tre Visi location opened in my neighbourhood this past winter but even with my determination to get there, here it is almost summer and I have only now gotten the opportunity.  When asked where I wanted to go for an early birthday lunch by two good friends, my response was right on the tip of my tongue!


In anticipation of our autumn sojourn to Tuscany, I was delighted to chose a Tuscan wine to share over lunch.  Chiccio (sea salt crusted flat bread) accompanied the wine.  Mmm, bread and wine, as old as time itself.  We three old friends, settled in.


The pasta courses on the Tre Visi lunch menu are available in full or half portions with a side salad and opted for the latter.  I can’t put my finger on it precisely but I was blown away by the Misticanza salad.  It might have been the combination of the sparkling celery with the earthy black olives (pitted and halved)- I was smitten.


One of my lunch dates chose the Penne Forestiera, I intended to inquire if she enjoyed it but we were so busy getting caught up on the details of the months spent since Christmas, that I did not get a chance.


I know with certainty that my other dates loved the Carpaccio di Manzo that she selected as her main course.  She is a carpaccio aficionado and Tre Visi’s version suited her high standards.


The Gnocchi al Pesto was as sublime as I remembered it to be. I placed each speared morsel on my tongue and let it melt away.  That is how delicate and tender it was.  Sometimes, my old memory serves me well because this was a dish worthy of all the years of waiting to taste it again.


I agreed to a forkful of dessert since it was my birthday lunch.  OMG-the Torta de Polenta e Limone was to die for and I gave myself permission to have more than one taste!  The dense cornmeal and almond cake was saturated with lemon and yet the outside edge retained a crunchy texture that I loved.

Too soon, our time was over.  With hugs we agreed to reconvene for the next birthday in August. Turns out that Tre Visi means three faces, and was aptly chosen for this rendezvous.

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Kath’s quote:  “Age appears to be best in four things; old wood best to burn, old wine to drink, old friends to trust, and old authors to read.” –Francis Bacon

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Love-that is all.

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  1. Avatar June 6th, 2013 at 5:25 pm Laura Hawkins Says:

    We both realized moments after we left that we missed the obligatory Three Muskateers photo. We must remember in August.

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