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I know I should not talk about gastro-infections on a food blog, but by now you likely know that I am pretty transparent, so here here goes.  My daughter has just arrived home from South Africa with a group of fellow students from Outtatown, CMU.  They came via Heathrow and left just hours ahead of the airport closures due to the volcano eruption in Iceland.  They missed their connection and had to wait for a later flight.  They had finally boarded the plane for Winnipeg when all of a sudden, fire trucks arrived on the runway and paramedics with face masks, boarded the aircraft.  When the paramedics asked if anyone had any intestinal illness in the past 24 hours, over half of my daughter’s group put up their hands.  Needless to say, they were detained overnight in Toronto.P4180016

It is now five days later and her 34 fellow travellers have dispersed to their various homes across Canada.  One such “special” departure was just this morning, when her new boyfriend flew home.  But true to daughter #2’s nature, she made the best of the day, assembling a couple of remaining group members and cooking up a storm.


They were all assigned jobs and then lit the candles and sat down to their shared efforts.  About this time my husband arrived home from playing tennis, he pulled out a batch of leftovers and he and his tennis partner joined the girls in the dining room.


There is nothing that makes me happier than a kitchen and dining room full of people who cherish life and love celebrating life with food.  I am so very glad that I have past this love down to my kids.P4200018

Kath’s quote: “To invite someone is to take charge of his happiness during the time he spends under your roof.”   Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin


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