Pozole Blanco


My husband is a professional “foodie”, that is to say, he studies food for a living, working as a Procurement Management for a large food distribution business.  This weekend was his national conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan and he was blown away by the restored downtown of Grand Rapids , the Amway Hotel where they were staying AND the food that was highlighted over the weekend.

He came home raving about one dish in particular.  It was served as the second course at their formal dinner.  This version of Pozole was a chicken and beef consume with white hominy.  There were platters of garnishes on the table including, radish, onion, lime, cilantro and queso fresco.  Each person also received their own petite bottle of Tabasco sauce for personal fire.   I have come across other recipes which include  sliced avocados, shredded cabbage, crushed chilies, dried oregano and sour cream.


Pozole is a traditional soup that adds enjoyment to many Mexican family gatherings.  There are also four other varieties beside white: verde (green), rojo (red), de frijole (with beans) and elopozole (with sweet corn, squash and meat).

Kath’s quote: “Only the pure of heart can make good soup.”-Beethoven

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