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On Saturday I began my annual quest to see which new restaurant in our cottage area has the best hand cut French fries.  We headed to Grand Beach, which at this time of year is a short drive down a forest road.  We had lunch at the newly purchased Stationhouse Restaurant.  Alas, theirs did not pass the taste test. 


On the way back to our beach, we stopped at The Spirit Rock Cafe.  Now this is a place to love!  It is filled with exotic jewelry and gift-ware.  The prices are very reasonable and everything is just my taste.  The aromas from the open kitchen of coffee and lunch preparations were divine and I highly recommend it, even though we did not taste anything.  The desserts in the display case and the clean plates going back to the kitchen were testament enough.  The cafe is owned and operated by a couple who’s two adorable children are part of the cozy atmosphere.

A long walk and a sit in the sun, filled the rest of the time until we got the barbecue out for dinner.  D grilled succulent strip loins while I was inside steaming baby potatoes & asparagus and sauteing mushrooms in garlic and red wine.


This morning D was the chef for brunch, frying up the left over potatoes and serving them with Italian sausage, red pepper and cheddar omelets.  Toast from the local bakery completed the meal and we pulled our chairs into the sun and ate out on the front deck.P4110086

Its spring on the prairies!

Kath’s quote: “That outdoor grilling is a manly pursuit has long been beyond question. If this wasn’t firmly understood, you’d never get grown men to put on those aprons with pictures of dancing wienies.”-William Geist 14-Lovely-Hearts-for-St-Valentines-day-sandwich

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