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There was a gorgeous coffee table book of the Leading Hotels in the World in our villa living room.  As I flipped through I realized that the beautiful Hotel Negressa in Nice and the King David in Jerusalem, both of which I have visited were included.  As well, of course, as the Adare Manor Hotel.  I was determined to explore.

If you have been following these blog posts, you already know that I am a romantic; one of my favourite books from my youth being Whuthering Heights.  I was especially enthralled by the mysterious Catherine.  And as soon as I had the ability to shape my own persona, wanted to be addressed by Kathryne rather than the more common place name of Kathy.  

While D and I were waiting for DK & PK to arrive back from their day trip to Cork, we took the opportunity to tour the grounds of the magnificent Adare Manor estate-a place befitting of Catherine (or Kathryne) I was sure.  I would be in good company as I understand that Catherine Zeta Jones has also been a guest here.

We understand that the manor had been built by the second Earl of Dunraven in the 18th century and his wife Lady Caroline. At least a part of the vision of the Manor was to keep the villagers of Adare employed and fed through the potato famine.

By standing back and gazing back at the Manor, D discovered the dedication of the house which was incorporated into the roof-line parapet: “Except The Lord Build The House Then Labour Is But Lost That Built It”.

The golf course, designed by Robert Trent Jones Sr. is nothing short of exquisite with the trout-filled River Maigue running through the course and the estate.

I love everything about the sport of golf (except hitting the ball with a skinny stick) and have walked some beautiful courses.

The gardens in early April were grand and I could picture a round of archery or clay pigeon shooting being conducted here.

Some of the most magnificent trees I have ever seen (with the exception perhaps of the olive and cypress trees in the Jerusalem) are contained on the  840 acres of the Manor grounds.

I was especially enthralled by the 100 year old cork tree and now have new found respect for those vineyards who are moving to cork alternatives.

Sadly, Lord Dunraven died in 1862 before he  had seen the completion of the Manor, proving what I already know, that money does not buy health, or happiness (or love).

Kath’s quote: “Because love grows best in little houses,
With fewer walls to separate,
Where you eat & sleep so close together.
You can not help but communicate,
Oh, & if we had more room between us, think of all we would miss.
Love grows best, in houses just like this”. –
Doug Stone

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