Trip Report- The Beach at Alvor, Portugal


I am a beach junky! I need my regular beach fixes. My heart literally aches to be by the water.

I have been to many beautiful beaches: In Tel Aviv, Sicily, Southern France, Majorca Spain, Galway Ireland, Veradero Cuba, Paradise Island on Cozumel, Playa Norte on Isla Mujeres, Torfino Beach on Vancouver Island and Grand and Lester Beach on Lake Winnipeg where we have our summer home. The beach at Alvor, Portugal is not the nicest beach I have ever visited because the colour of the water is not like the Caribbean, but it certainly ranks high on my list!

The surf is beautiful, the water crystal clear and the sand like a fine brown sugar. The cliffs and grottos at the far east of the beach or picturesque as well as the grasses and low furrows of sand. The walkway at Alvor is brilliant and means the maximum number of beach walkers can enjoy it including those who are mobility impaired.

All of these photos were taken on my hour’s walk along Alvor Beach.



To appreciate the enormity of the beach, can you see the figures walking along the water’s edge in the middle of the shot above?



This pic is my personal favourite.






Our hotel was smack on the beach. Our room was second from the end on the top floor.






Kath’s quote:

“for her

the ocean

was more than a dream

it was a place

she needed to visit

to find herself.”-Jose Chaves

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Love never fails.


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