4 Play and 4 Yummy Food!


I drag my husband to lots of restaurants where the food looks like it comes from a coffee table book, we leave $200 and an hour later he is getting out the peanut butter and crackers.  Last night I took him to 4 Play Sportsbar for dinner and he was in heaven.

His mouth dropped at the size of the 24 foot projection screen and he looked longingly at the 50 lazy-boys set up theatre-style.  I knew if we sat shoulder to shoulder I would lose him completely to the football game that was airing so we compromised with a high top table just at the edge of the seating area.    

We had a hard time deciding what to order as we were very tempted by the Blackened Basa Fish Tacos and the 3 Style Meatloaf but finally tucked into Rotisserie Chicken and their specialty burger.  I ate all of the white meat which was substantial and asked our lovely server Charmaine to wrap up the drum and thigh.  I also savoured every single hand cut french fry.  D let me taste his burger-a combo of ground beef and steak.  He too cleaned his plate of the hand cut sweet potato fries. 

Before dinner he enchantingly wandered around to check out the virtual golf and the arcade area.  He thought that it would be a perfect place to arrange a pre-wedding gentleman’s dinner-our only son is married so I’m not sure who’s.  The manager also opened up the private suite for him to check out.  By the time he sat back down, his eyes had that far-away look and I could tell that the wheels were turning about upcoming football games and tennis matches.

We watched the first period of the Junior Hockey tournament surrounded by many enthusiastic Canadian fans who by now had settled in for the evening.  A fun night and the best part-$54 including beer!   

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Kath’s quote: “Beer: Take pure spring water. The finest grains. The richest ingredients. And then run them through a horse.”-unknown

PS-went back again for beef and chicken sliders and chicken nachos-sensational.  The BEST sport bar food in town!

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“4 Play and 4 Yummy Food!”

  1. Avatar March 23rd, 2011 at 1:00 pm Cindy Says:

    ha ha ha ha that review is a joke right? what kind of customer would know the size of the screen or the number of chairs? or remember the exact names of the food they concidered ordering but didnt. The only good review this place has ever gotten it posted itself. Anyone who goes there will learn there lesson about listening to reviews this specific right away. I have actually been to this place and had nothing but disapointment and you will too.

  2. Avatar March 23rd, 2011 at 1:53 pm kath Says:

    Hey Cindy. No Joke-if you read the review carefully, I did not compliment the food on our first visit-I said that that the portions were ample and that I enjoyed the hand-cut french fries. As far as mentioning the food that we didn’t order, when you are a food blogger, it is your responsibility to your readers to mention other “potential” finds. The blogger section of UrbanSpoon, where I suspect you read the review, are written different than by the posters in the review section of Urbanspoon. Anecdotal info and specific details are what is expected by a food blogger.

    When your hubbie and your son are NFL football fanatics, you can be sure that they noted the exact size of the screen and the number of places to sit as they were salivating over the facility. So much so, that we went back for an NFL play off game and had way better food than our first try. I don’t have a tendancy to go to Winnipeg Sports Bars but I can sure tell you that the 4 Play food was better than the rest that I have sampled.

    If you have been disappointed with your experiences, why do you continue to go? Winnipeg has so many wonderful choices.

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