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We were feeling sorry for ourselves.  It was summer in Winnipeg and Thompson was still in the frosty throes of winter.  On this day there had been another ice storm so that roads and sidewalks were treacherous.  But we were not daunted, as we needed a destination to watch The Jets game because it was not being shown at our hotel.  We had both bought Jets sweaters that weekend for our fellas, and we decided to give them a test run.

We arrived at Boston Pizza and it was like being home.  It felt so familiar to us that we relaxed right away.  We had a great vantage for the game.  For some reason the score was caught off from the top of the screen and because we were really enjoying the game, we were the go-to resource when other tables wanted to know the score.

We had heard good things about Bostons wings and were not disappointed. We ordered the oven-roasted, naked ones and then our helpful server suggested a number of sauces including mild, hot, sesame ginger and pineapple mango that I especially enjoyed.  The wings were perfectly trimmed and cooked so that they remained moist and firm.

To round out our dinner, we also chose the Gourmet Mediterranean Masterpiece pizza.  The menu indicated that it would be topped with spinach, fire-roasted portobello mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts and pesto sauce.

Here is what we thought that it would look like.

Here is what it did look like.  There were no portobello mushrooms and no sun-dried tomatoes.  This really bugs me.  But having said this, we each had a bite and the taste was really good even with the exclusions.  It is just not cool to advertise one thing and serve another.

The Jets lost but in truth, we had such a fun-filled evening that we both agreed that the game and the weather, could not dampen our spirits.

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Kath’s quote: “And this is good old Boston, The home of the bean and the cod…”

-John Collins Bossidy

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