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I have let too much time pass since our visit to the Clay Oven a couple of weeks ago and now I am at a loss as to the names of all the dishes that we sampled.  I was also distracted by the conversation-a chance to get caught up with Sisters #2 and #3, our Mom and my Mom’s best friend.  She and my Mom have lived across the street from each other for 54 years!  You can imagine the joys and sorrows shared over that number of years.  She was my also my kindergarten teacher for two years.  The latter when I was age-appropriate but the first when I was four and she was willing to provide a place where I could get a break from my twin brother and sister.  I remember so many details from that time so vividly. 

Anita who is one of the family owners of the Clay Oven had our table all arranged for us.  She is a lovely host as are all of the dashing men that she gets to work including our young server who was wonderfully attentive.

We started with a small platter of Samosas.  As we shared the bites on the plate, we noticed how some were quite mild and others quite spicy.  Perhaps they were made by different chefs or perhaps the curries did not get thoroughly mixed.  It was fun to taste the varieties of heat that can be delivered by one item.

I know that we had Butter Chicken because the tender chicken was unforgettable and I also recall that we enjoyed the Korma and an assorted Naan basket, but to be frank, the rest of the details are gone.  Except to say that everything that we sampled was carefully prepared, served piping hot (and stayed hot in those beautiful metal dishes) and there was plenty to share between the five of us with left overs of Naan to go with shepherd’s pie the next night.

The decor of this location on Kenaston  is just my style-a brightly lit open kitchen where you can clearly hear the slapping down of the Naan being prepared; sleek and elegant with cosy touches like colourful toss cushions on the bench seating.

They have expanded this location to include a separate party room complete with its own sound system and bar!

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Love amplified.

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“Clay Oven revisited”

  1. Avatar November 25th, 2010 at 7:59 am Denise Doucette Says:

    Kath – I have been meaning to comment on your site for quite a while, but today, with your blog bringing back memories of my kindergarten teacher, I knew it was time. Since Mike has shared your Food Musings website with the MMC’74 group I have enjoyed each of your blogs and look forward to the next. You write with such flare about your many and varied experiences and pepper them all with inspiring messages linking the bond between food, love, family, and friends. What a treat to have found this site. Denise

  2. Avatar November 25th, 2010 at 8:40 am kath Says:

    Hey Denise, I am so glad that you wrote. Here’s another indication of this circle called life. Last evening my husband and I decorated the tree with daughter #2 and her boyfriend. (And because I’m a foodie, I’ll mention that we did so over egg nogs and Christmas cookies just out of the oven) but I digress… In conversation, we started discussing crushes and the BF teased my daughter about having crushes on her teachers. Then my husband admitted a crush on Miss Tweets, his grade 2 teacher. I started relecting about my favourite elementary teachers to realize that I had “girl crushes” on Miss Wilkinson in grade four and your MOM! I first met your Mom when she was Dyer’s Avon lady and when I heard that she was going to teach grade one that fall, I prayed the whole summer that she would be my teacher. And then in grade 6 the school made a special little class of 16 students and we had your Mom teach us again! I loved her subtle French accent, her painted finger nails and her firm but kind disciplinary style.
    We also remembered last night that Jack Dyer passed away the night before the Western CFL Final so it would have been the anniversary of his passing. Mrs. D is part of our extended family now as 3 of the 4 kids live elsewhere. She joins us for all our celebrations and takes such good care of our Mom. She is careful to watch for lights going on and off and curtains opening and closing to determine that Mom is following her usual routine and nothing is a miss.
    I hope that you are well, enjoying the snow and planning some wonderful ways to celebrate the upcoming season. I understand that another reunion is in the works so hopefully we will see you sometime soon. Love and hugs, K

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