Dining Spurt

Pizzeria Gusto

Pizzeria Gusto

Pizzeria Gusto

Pizzeria Gusto

Dining out happens in spurts for me. At this moment the last three out of four meals that I’ve consumed have been outside the home. Yesterday I had a breakfast meeting at Stella’s on Grant Ave., then I met my husband for ribs at the Garry St. Keg and at lunch today I had another lunch meeting at Pizzeria Gusto on Academy Road. The only meal that I ate at home was a bowl of brown rice (likely as a guilt cleanser). Both Stella’s and the Pizzeria Gusto are within walking distance of our River Heights home. We have many favourites in the neighbourhood including Saucer’s on Academy, Mona Lisa’s and the Bonfire Bistro. We used to be able to walk to the Falafel House another of our favs but they’ve since moved further east on Corydon.

I had only been to Pizzeria Gusto once before but watch with interest as people line up outside their doors before their 5:30 opening. Today I was a client and being treated by a business associate. We shared an appetizer of grilled shrimp in pesto and pistachio nuts-delicious but I would have loved a piece of bread to have mopped up the beautiful bright green sauce. I choose a pizza made with an her olive oil, finely chopped sweet potatoes (with the skin on), pine nuts, pecorino cheese, toasted sage and brown butter.

OMGoodness-who could imagine potato pizza could be so good! It reminded how surprisingly good my potato pasta was when we were in Italy this fall.

Potato Pesto Pasta in Riomaggiore, Italy

Potato Pesto Pasta in Riomaggiore, Italy

I loved the combination of sweetness from the sweet potato, saltiness from the cheese and brown butter and a little bitterness from the char on the wood fried pizza crust. My associate had a pizza jammed with “drunk” mushrooms, a micro-arugula and white truffle oil. This was also so delicious, that I’ve decided that I have to eat my way through their pizza menu.
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We were too full for dessert but had a café Americano to finish up. The presentation of this and all items was crisp and clean, matching the decor of the entire dining room. Unfortunately, I drove my car because I had another errand to run but the walk home would have been heavenly to wear off the carbs.

What is your favourite River Heights restaurant? Have you tried Pizzeria Gusto? What is your favourite pizza?

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