Elements is the long awaited bistro and dining room created by Chef Ben Kramer of Diversity Foods.  I’ve been for lunch, twice now.  The first time was a number of weeks ago.  While I awaited my lunch date. I saw a table of people that I recognized.  It was their first time as well.  They invited me to sample the bowl of Spicy Bacon Carmel Popcorn that sat on the middle of their table.  Simultaneously salty and sweet, it was a yummy treat.

My date sampled the Baked Macaroni & Cheese made with more bacon, chevre and cheddar (not exactly lo-cal).

But her salad offset the indulgence.

I chose the linquine with onions, garlic, feta and hazelnuts.  I topped mine with chicken.  I found mine to be heavy on the onions which dissuaded me from trying it a second time.

Yesterday’s lunch started with a yam and peanut soup and then two shrimp tacos.

A friend choose this combination as well but opted for the onion soup and had her taco stuffed with chicken.

The third member of our klatch, slurped (in a polite way) the 3 step Raman noodles: choosing egg noodles, hot and sour sauce and shrimp as well.

Since there were three of us to share dessert and we were in a festive mood, we ordered the vegan chocolate cake.  I am assuming that this meant it was eggless and they went unmissed.  The cake was rich and moist and the combination of blueberries and the dark chocolate was divine.

The room is light and airy and has windows along two walls.  On my second visit, there was such a blustery wind blowing outside that we were able to watch passers by hang onto their hats!

The restaurant is a welcome addition to a fairly lengthy strip of Portage Ave. without an upscale eatery.  The constant expansion of the University of Winnipeg, will certainly change this over time.  Elements has set the bar high for future prospects.

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Kath’s quote: “What science demands more study than Cookery?     You have not only, as in other arts, to satisfy the general eye, but also the individual taste of the persons who employ you; you have to attend to economy, which every one demands; to suit the taste of different persons at the same table; to surmount the difficulty of procuring things which are necessary to your work; to undergo the want of unanimity among the servants of the house; and the mortification of seeing unlimited confidence sometimes reposed in persons who are unqualified to give orders in the kitchen, without assuming consequence, and giving themselves airs which are almost out of reason, and which frequently discourage the Cook.”-Louis Eustache Ude (1813)

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  1. Avatar January 7th, 2012 at 4:37 pm Lynne Says:

    It is quite a lovely place. The bacon-dusted French toast is wonderful — and the server even let me in on how the chef makes the bacon “dust”!
    Yes, a good place for a blustery day. And a tour of the building is a nice finish — it’s quite stunning, if minimalist.

  2. Avatar January 7th, 2012 at 4:49 pm Kathryne Says:

    Lynne-just recommended it to a restauranteur friend of mine yesterday. Looking forward to going again very soon and will have to try one of the bacon dishes next time. I understand that Chef Kramer is a bacon genius.

  3. Avatar November 28th, 2012 at 1:28 am The FBC Canadian Restaurant Roundup – Ramen Edition | Food Bloggers of Canada Says:

    […] Click through for Kathryne’s full review of Elements. […]

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