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I think you can tell so much about a person by their fav food list.  So here’s a start on ours and please add yours in the comments.  I will get a followers favourite list together with your responses.

cake2Cake-easy…Jeanne’s Banana Cake in the log style because that way you get more icing.  I’ve been requesting this for my birthday since I could speak.  One year I bought one for myself.

6a00d8341c63d853ef00e54faf598d8833-800wiCookie-easy again.  Imperial Cookies.  I like them best from the east side of  Lake Winnipeg.  We couldn’t get in touch with Einfeld’s to order them for our Son’s wedding so we’ve ordered Diplomat cookies from Gunn’s instead.  We heard that Imperial Cookies been served at the upcoming Golden Globes in Hollywood this weekend.

Chips….a bit harder as it is a tie.  They must be kettle chips.  And it is  between the course pepper ripple chips from Costco and the Miss Vickie’s Lime and Pepper chips available most places.  We also loved the Basil and Rosemary chips that Miss Vickie’s had out for a while but we must have been in a minority because we can’t seem to find them any more.  I know I should be saying an Old Dutch variety to support a home town product.  We used to get cast offs from the factory when I was growing up and they were my favourite because they were too brown and folded together.  The first time we tasted a kettle chip was on our honey-moon in Cape Cod and they were called Cape Cod chips.  I’ve also found them in Toronto.

Tortilla Chips-La Cochina hands down.  The tortilla chip I’ve tasted anywhere including Mexico.

Fries-I have an in town version and a lake version.  In town I would say Daly Burger’s but I am willing to continue my quest for the best Winnipeg fry.  I would love to say from the blue chip wagon on the way to Lester Beach but they’ve closed.  Kenora’s fries are up there but I’m a Grand Beach girl myself so I just can’t declare them the winner.

Ice Cream Cone-a chocolate dipped chocolate swirl in a sugar cone, rolled in peanuts from the BDI.

Gelato-one scoop of coconut and one scoop of mango from the little Eva’s on west Corydon near Kenaston.  This was the first Eva’s and is walking distance from our home.

Burger-Pete’s Place on Main St.  Has to have a steamed bun and fried onions.

Breakfast-Falafel House if you can get in.

Fish and Chips-I would love to say the Valley Room at Eaton’s because they had the most authentic served in Winnipeg for many years but Ducky’s on Notre Dame is probably my new fav.

Steak or Prime Rib-hands down The Keg.  Been enjoying these for 35 years the-kegand they are consistently still our first choice.

Dim Sum-Dim Sum Garden on Rupert at lunch time.

Vietnamese-Little Saigon on William.

Thai-Sukhotai on Osborne.

In the pizza category there are 3 categories:

Retro Pizza-Gondola thin crust bacon.

Boutique Pizza-Pizzeria Gusto on Academy.

Friday Night Pizza-I hear Diana’s is excellent but haven’t had a chance to sample.  We like Colloseo’s and Mona Lisa’s but there are really too many for me to declare my fav.  We’ll have to continue the quest for this one as well.

Perogies-Anne’s in the North End are very good but I also like the ones made by the babas as a fund raiser for the Holy Family Nursing Home.  A new entry on the scene are the ones made by the youth group at St. Aidan’s Church.  When my Mom was young enough to make them though-they were absolutely stellar.

Hot Dog- Lockport Skinners of course.  Half Moon a close second but they have to be a European Wiener with the crunchy skin.  When we have wieners on the barbecue I love mine burnt-don’t knock it til you try it.

Salsa-homemade of course but if purchased, another tie between the lime salsa at Superstore and the deli salsa at Safeway.  The mango salsa from Sobey’s is right up there.

BothwellBlackTruffleCheese-Bothwell‘s black truffle!  (enough said)

Bread- Gunn’s marble rye.

to be continued……

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“Fav Winnipeg Foods”

  1. Avatar January 15th, 2010 at 7:55 am Caroline Says:

    I to enjoy the New Blothwell cheese but have weakness for their curds… if you go to their plant you can buy the reject bag- it is however the furthest thing from reject there is! Also I bought some of their horseradish aged cheddar… unbelievable and so good in cold roast beef sandwich.

    You cover cake & cookies but what about bread…

  2. Avatar January 15th, 2010 at 9:03 am kath Says:

    I’ve been to the plant too. Bought my fav for $4 when it is $22 in town. Have not tried their curds but LOVE curds so I will. I think they’re called “streeters”, right?

    As for the bread-you are right and here goes.

  3. Avatar December 25th, 2010 at 1:49 pm David Adjey Says:

    Chef David Adjey from the favorite and most popular cooking shows ‘ Restaruant Makeover’ will be in Winnipeg at the Fort Garry Hotel “Grand Ballroom” for an evening of fun food and delight on Feb 9, 2011. Showtime starts at 7 pm with tickets being $30.00 advance and $35.00 at the door. If you would like more information on this event, Please email us at davidadjey@shaw.ca

  4. Avatar December 25th, 2010 at 1:49 pm David Adjey Says:

    David Adjey Will be in Winnipeg February,09,2011 at 7 pm

  5. Avatar December 25th, 2010 at 5:04 pm kath Says:

    Would love to get a quick pic with you when you are in Winnipeg. Would that be possible?

  6. Avatar January 8th, 2011 at 7:23 pm David Adjey Says:

    Come to the show at the Fort Garry Hotel ” An Evening With Chef David Adjey February,09,2011 at 7 pm. You can have all the pictures you would like with him

  7. Avatar January 9th, 2011 at 8:50 am kath Says:

    Have to teach a blogging course that evening and will not be able to attend.

  8. Avatar January 15th, 2011 at 12:31 pm An Evening with David Adjey Says:

    Sorry to hear that Kath…
    But thanks for your interest anyways.

  9. Avatar November 28th, 2011 at 8:45 pm Mary Says:

    I see you have checked out all the winnipeg hot spots; however you are missing out on the late night eatery and martini bar Spin. It is located on corydon and offers the perfect mix of live entertainment and gourmet appetizers to snack on while choosing from the extensive wine list. Check it out on your next visit!

  10. Avatar November 29th, 2011 at 6:51 am Kathryne Says:

    Thanks Mary. We’ll put Spin pn our “must try” list.

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