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We had our heart set on dining at Food Evolution this past summer when we attended the fabulous performance of The Little Mermaid at Rainbow Stage.  Unfortunately (for us), our tickets were for a Monday evening and the restaurant is not open on Mondays.  It took us this amount of time to get back to this end of the city.  But we were certainly glad that we went to the effort.  This beautiful pastoral scene can be viewed from the dining room window.  You can imagine what it will look like when the pond is frozen and it is covered in glistening snow with families enjoying a skate.  But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here……


We were really impressed with the refurbished décor of the bar (pictured above) and the dining room, having not been to the building since it was a cafeteria eons ago.


Beautiful touches like this etched and stained glass adorn the restaurant.

Our server was very pleasant and efficient but we were glad that we arrived for an early lunch because by the time we left, she appeared to be the only one taking care of a very busy dining room.



D selected a Breakfast sandwich: which included two over easy eggs, ham and tomato. He was surprised that the menu admitted using Miracle Whip which happens to be his favourite, but is not usually boasted of.  The biscuit was the best part, but was so fresh that his sandwich kind of fell apart as he tried to tuck in.  It was equally delicious when eaten with a knife and fork, so no harm was done.  Being a former American and “hash” lover, he was looking forward to the sandwich being served alongside a traditional hash.  This was not to be.  “Smashed Hash” turned out to be skin-on baby potatoes that had been pressed open to cook.  We make this dish at home and love the results when a liberal amount of olive oil glistens on the skin as well as lots of course sea salt and freshly ground pepper.


I settled on the Ruben (how it is spelt on their menu) particularly when I saw that it came with hand-cut fries.  The latter were absolutely excellent.  The Ruben itself was slightly different than my favourite versions.  I suspect that Montreal Smoked Beef was utilized as opposed to traditional corned beef.  Some may consider this an enhancement but it was just not my preference.


On our way out, I spotted this wood fired oven in the corner of the kitchen and then the sign which indicated that the restaurant is now featuring wood-fired pizzas.  Knowing that Mike Daquisto formerly of Daquisto’s and Pasta la Vista is the Executive Chef at WOW Hospitality that operates Food Evolution and remembering his delectable pizzas of the past, we made a mental note to return very soon.  Perhaps we’ll lace up a pair of skates first.

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Kath’s quote: Canned soups can be magnificent, the lowly meatball wildly exciting, and old-fashioned corned beef hash an emotional experience.”-Cosmopolitan


Love-that is all.




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