Forbidden Flavours Coffee Roastery & Ice Cream Shop


My first visit was in November so I was not tempted to sample the ice cream but the front freezer display was chock full of choices.  The coffee roaster is visible from the counter and it was polished up like a prized trophy.  The roasted selection that day was a Kenyan dark roast or a Colombian medium roast.  I typically limit myself to two cups per day and this was my third. So I ordered a small cup.  I was cheerfully informed that I could get a refill for 59 cents if I craved more.IMG_3115_edited
My coffee date was a new Mom and her baby boy.  At one point the person who I assume was Katherine the Owner/Roast Master/Manager dropped by our table to tell us about the live music that they have every Saturday night.  She even indicated that babies were welcome-a point that I am sure many young families would like to make note of.  Sounds like a wonderful idea unless you like your music with a glass of wine as Forbidden Flavours is not licensed.

There were a number of customers even at 2:30 in the afternoon.  My guess is that it is because the booths and deep green leather easy chairs are so comfy.  Or perhaps it was the free wi fi.  Any neighbourhood would benefit from a destination like this little gem.

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