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There was a time when the only Moxie’s location that we were aware of in Winnipeg was at St. Vital Centre.  The restaurant was a perfect destination for us when the kids were younger because we could bribe them with the promise of going out for lunch if they were good while we got some shopping done. 

Well times have certainly changed.  Recently, Daughter #1 wanted to purchase a Macbook Air but was hoping to put it on my credit card (and then she would transfer the funds to me).  To inspire the transaction, she promised lunch out and we found ourselves at Moxie’s Polo Park.

I chose the special that day – a blackened chicken Club Sandwich.  I would have preferred less bread but the fixings inside were a lovely taste combination.

The sandwich came with a Caesar salad, tossed just the way that I like it-easy on the dressing.

Daughter #1 treated herself with the decadent grilled lobster and brie sandwich.

It too was served with a nutritious salad filled dried cranberries and a crumble of cheese.

The restaurant was filled up with a diverse crowd that afternoon.  There were lots of fellow shoppers, perhaps some of  whom were accepting or taking bribes as well…..

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 Kath’s quote: “A woman should never be seen eating or drinking, unless it be lobster, salad and champagne. The only true feminine and becoming viands.”-Lord Byron

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