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How could you not think that this face is adorable-right?  Not everyone wants a baby sitting next to them in a restaurant.  Lucky for us, the Wee One has been dining out since the week that she was born and knows how to behave herself when called upon.  Besides, it was her Daddy’s birthday and she wanted to get in on the festivities.  We had assembled at Peasant Cookery in the Exchange and it was still early in the evening.


Peasant Cookery has a pleasant and open feeling but you can still find a quiet corner to curl up with a loved one for a more romantic rendezvous.



Daughter #2 could only stay for a brief time as she attends a weekly pottery class.  She had a quick treat of luscious poutine before she departed.



The rest of us tucked into Peasant’s delectable charcuterie board.  I tried to keep up with jotting down the various meat selections as the board was placed in front of us but I could not.  I have misplaced my notes since that evening anyway.  Suffice it to say, each nibble was an adventure and as a family, we love sharing and discovering food in this manner.


J2 was pleased that at first glance her pickerel was so abundant but found that it was mostly batter and thought that there  be more “sticks” in this dish named Fish & Sticks.


The Frenchman was more than pleased with his tourtiere and he should know, having grown up on the dish.


D chose the Mahi Mahi and especially liked the persillade (parsley) crusting.


My choice was the spaghetti with clams and bacon.  This was a densely flavoured dish between the plentiful bacon and the pesto sauce and although I might choose something lighter next time, it certainly was a decadent treat.


The birthday boy selected the Berkshire pork and took little nibbles for what seemed like a very long time in order to savour and fully enjoy the dish.


Daughter #1 has a soft spot for gnocchi and orders it almost every chance she gets.  Peasant’s version includes aged cheddar in the dough and then the heavenly nuggets are tossed with sautéed sun dried tomatoes, spinach, red onion and piquillo peppers.   A moat of basil oil edges the plate.

Peasant promises rustic seasonal food and it delivers.  Most importantly, the birthday boy felt pampered and lovingly nourished and isn’t that what it’s all about?

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Kath’s quote: “Peasant foods often involve skilled preparation by knowledgeable cooks using inventiveness and skills passed down from earlier generations. Such dishes are often prized as ethnic foods by other cultures and by descendants of the native culture who still desire these traditional dishes even when their incomes rise to the point where they can purchase any food they like.”-Wikipedia


Love-that is all.

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