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In simpler days before TV on demand, movies on demand, on line books, etc. , one primary form of entertainment was going for a drive.  Not a car ride to get anywhere in particular but for the pleasure of the journey.  Since our brood grew up in East Kildonan our destination was often out Henderson Hwy. to Lockport.  Sometimes we would have a play on the grassy area by the St. Andrews locks, sometimes a crunchy foot-long hot dog at Skinners and other times we would slow down by the old St. Andrews Church and imagine all the history that lay sleeping in the graveyard there.

Our Mom still likes going for drives and so when the three sisters informed her that we were going to pick her up for a Sunday brunch treat in Lockport, she was delighted.

The unusual addition of Red River Cereal to a traditional creme brulee starts off every brunch date at Rembrants Bistro.  The nuttiness of the cereal offsets the sweet creaminess of the custard.  I even gobbled up the blueberry garnish, the tastes were so divine.

Corned Beef Hash was spied by both Sister #2 and our Mom and they were very happy with their choice.  I had a little taste and thought that it was a little bit overwhelming, but to each their own.

Sister #3 finds it hard to resist the buttery lemon flavours of hollandaise sauce and so she ordered the Eggs Benedict to savour the taste.  Sister #2 simply ordered a side of hollandaise for her hash-there are no rules when you simply love food.

Omelets are often my brunch choice when done well and Rembrants Bistro does an excellent job especially when Remmis pan roasted potatoes and a little cup of fresh fruit are served alongside to complement the tastes.  The eggs were so stellar, I dont even recall what was stuffed inside.

Our server was absolutely perfect including his insistence to take our photo for us.

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Kath’s quote: “Mother’s words of wisdom: ‘Answer me! Don’t talk with food in your mouth!'”-Erma Bombeck

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