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We recently had an errand to accomplish at our our son and daughter-in-laws Wolseley home, when it  some was suggested that we grab some breakfast or lunch together.  With less than a two minute walk, we were inside the doors at Stella’s Sherbrook.  You might notice that I did not say that we were sitting at a table because that in fact did not occur for quite a while.

The wait was pleasant enough as there is a real community feel about the place, perhaps because of the neighbourhood itself, perhaps it is promoted by the friendly, laid-back staff.

J ordered the Stella`s special breakfast and was well content.  So too was the female J when she choose the Mexican breakfast.

D was immediately tempted by the special of the day-a hearty chicken stew that came with a tasty biscuit and Stella`s healthy salad.  The three of us stared longingly at his choice and would order that ourselves, the next chance that we get.

When eggplant is on the menu, it always catches my eye.  Even though these eggplant circles were individually prepared rather than in a casserole style, as I prefer, it was delicious none the less.  Their version is likely healthier than the way that I prepare mine.  My recipe where the veggies are tossed in flour, dipped in an egg wash, then covered with breadcrumbs, soaks up the olive oil like a sponge.


The eggplant were served on a bed of spaghetti tossed in a light tomato sauce and crunchy garlic bread.

Our server was very pleasant and helpful.  In fact, she was familiar to our son and his wife as were many staff and diners that afternoon.

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Kath`s quote:  “How can people say they don’t eat eggplant when God loves the color and the French love the name? I don’t understand.”-Jeff Smith

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