Ta Da-Unburger!


For a couple of years our office was on the second floor of a converted old house near Stradbrook and Osborne.  We had the second and third floor and a Korean restaurant was on the first.  It was the strangest little place, but we were sometimes lured by the aramos of soya, garlic and ginger.  When we would decide on our order, the female owner would declare “No you don’t want that!” 

The new proprietors are far more helpful.  I was introduced to Kyle and Marc when I visited for my first time last week.  Behind the scenes as the menu creator, is Osten who is a culinary artist.  I understand that Kyle was originally smitten by the concept while travelling in Australia.  I was very impressed by their youth, enthusiasm and the fruits of their patience and hard work.  The little place has a fresh, crisp and clean design and Kyle did much of the work himself.  

Without much deliveration I ordered what is called “The Drunken Aussie” (on their on-line menu) but I was quite sure it was named the “Unburger” on the in store menu board-grilled pineapple, balsamic onion & tomato relish, carmelized onions, bacon, cheddar, herb mayo & a sunny side up fried egg!


Different from the on line description was the addition of pickled beets which was just my cup of tea-loving the sweet and salty results of the partnering. 

My host choose “The Zoomer”-a grilled, balsamic/herb  portabella mushroom burger topped with blue cheese and served alongside yam fries.

Now that I’ve had a chance to further peruse the menu (there were no paper copies in the restaurant that I saw) I am quite sure that I will sample the Oopah! next time and not just because Nia Vardalos is reportedly in town making a movie.  Promises of roasted garlic & kalmata tapenade and cucumber & lemon oregano yogurt have got me daydreaming even now (and it is only 8 am). 

The lack of a paper is a part of the Unburger”s commitment for a greener product and environment, working hard to negate their carbon footprint.  I love hearing business journeys like this one-having a dream while vacationing and working diligently to make that vision a reality for the folks back home.

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Kath’s quote: “A Hamburger is warm and fragrant and juicy. A hamburger is soft and nonthreatening. It personifies the Great Mother herself who has nourished us from the beginning. A hamburger is an icon of layered circles, the circle being at once the most spiritual and the most sensual of shapes. A hamburger is companionable and faintly erotic. The nipple of the Goddess, the bountiful belly-ball of Eve. You are what you think you eat.”
Tom Robbins

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