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Casa La Brisas-Isla Mujeres


I had a particular budget threshold in mind to invite and host our family on Isla Mujeres.  As you may know, accessibility is a big issue for our family.  In addition, we had the wee one with us (including her necessary baby equipment).  There are some accessible hotels closer to town that might have done the trick (i.e. Hotel Paraiso) but when you add up the cost of multiple hotel rooms a house seemed a better option because of affordability and a common place to gather.  D and I scoured the options in person and then I did additional research on line.


We gave the family three options and in the end because Casa Las Brisas was the shortest walk to Centro, it became our number one pick.  We clocked it as a ten minute walk to the south end of the Navy Base.

After a bit of initial effort getting in touch with the house owners, communication by email flowed back and forth and everything was set for our arrival.  Miquel of Capi’s Property Management was at the house to greet us and hand off the keys.  When we noticed an accessibility issue (you never really know until you are on site), he was quick to respond by delivering a makeshift ramp so Daughter #1 could get from the kitchen door to the outside deck on her own.  We didn’t notice at the time, but this meant that she was always in the shade, so when he came around again, he had another Islander build a second mini ramp so that she could access the sunny level too.  The front bedroom where she and her cousin stayed was large and spacious.  The only little detail was that the remote for the AC required a change in battery and so the room temperature was constantly set to 17 degrees!  The washroom was also well laid out and a plastic chair from the terrace made a sit down shower possible.  One night the gang took a cab from town and the taxi was able to pull in literally inches from the front door to make the transition easier.

The back bedroom which had immediate access to the terrace was designated to J1, J2 and the wee one.  The baby could comfortably nap in the portable playpen that was ordered from Sonrisa’s rental and when we accumulated on the terrace for a night cap, the storm shutters could be closed to block out the light and the sound.


Happy hour on the terrace

Most importantly for a foodie (and boozey) family like us, there was a full sized fridge for the brewskies and freezer for ice-making for cocktails.  There was also a heavy duty cooler that we pressed into duty when we wanted to grab a cold one even closer to us.  The all important blender had enough power to whip up smoothies or cocktails.  J1 invented a Mexicoolada with pineapple, coconut syrup, rum AND tequila!  I loved the gang’s Kahluaada which also contained pureed banana.



The kitchen was well stocked with other appliances and utensils too.  I used the electric fry pan and toaster to make back bacon and eggs the morning that Canada played in the gold medal round of Olympic hockey.  The view when gazing out the window while doing dishes was absolutely breathtaking and should have encouraged everyone to take their turn at dishes.  The kitchen opened into the living room and terrace so was perfectly situated.


J1 and the Wee One doing their exercises on the terrace.


La Brisas’ plunge pool and view to the north.


The hammock, the lounge chairs on the terrace and the little plunge pool were used constantly and were so convenient with the baby and for us all to assemble for happy hour or a night cap.  One night that I babysat the Wee One, I was able to lie in the hammock and gaze at the stars and I believed that I was the luckiest Glamma in the world!


The beach right in front of the house.



As they say-“location, location, location”.  The airport strip is absolutely my favourite place to stay on the island as I am a sunrise, sunset and crashing waves junkie.  From La Brisas you have it all.


Sunset from the roof.


The sun had just set on our arrival day.

There was some confusion as to what to do with the toilet tissue (the sign in the bathroom encouraged you to put it into the toilet) and Miquel had to make a return visit to get it unplugged. Once the gang realized that they were not in a hotel and getting daily cleaning service, they got into a routine with circulating towels and disposing of garbage.  The request for additional drinking water was a bit too lengthy what with having a baby in the house.



The furniture was comfortable and well maintained.  This is my primary complaint of hotels on Isla-there is never anyplace to sit except on the bed.


Beautiful bathroom ceiling fixture.

I love themed décor but it might not be everybody’s cup of tea.

The house is also equipped with a sturdy commercial safe.  We walked by the house after the gang had vacated it and there were an army of persons to get everything tidied up and ready for the next lucky renters.  Our damage deposit was efficiently returned.  A couple of days later, there was a group of guys from the southern US who were holding a company retreat in the house.  They too looked as if they were enjoying everything that the location had to offer.

I read the journals and guestbook of the house while babysitting one evening and my heart is broken that the owners feel that they must sell La Brisas after years of refurbishing it and loving Isla.

Kath’s quote: “God is at home, it’s we who have gone out for a walk”.-Meister Eckhart


Love-that is all.