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Trip Report Day 23-Grill Garden


Perhaps God knew that my days on the island were winding down. The sunrise that morning was spectacular! I could have posted one of a dozen pictures of it.

Joe and Deb served up breakfast (again).

They along with D, headed to Castilla de Garafon to snorkel for the day. On the otherhand, I stayed put to soak up our little place on a perfect day. Sue came and joined me but they had just shocked the pool and we couldn’t swim. But never fear, I was into another fabulous book!

On Isla, my hair is a real challenge. I have naturally curly AND naturally straight hair. It is an unusual situation and quite a challenge because one lock of hair will shape itself into a beautiful ringlet but the next, will be poker straight. It is impossible to curl the straight clumps for a unified look, so I straighten the curly ones. That is, if I have an hour to spare and on this day, I did! And then I took a selfie (or course).

We were going to walk into Centro that evening but I caught the beginning of a gloomy sunset before we left.

While walking, the skies cleared and it got hot! I captured this image while en route. Between the exertion of the walk and the last heat of the day, my hair was a curly/straight mess just in time for dinner.

Grill Garden is one of my top ten favourite restaurants on the island. Right off the top, I love the ambience. If you are a regular to the island, you will know that it is a tough choice to whittle it down to ten favourites. I absolutely cannot believe the quality of Island food! I don’t know how it compares to other popular destinations but you know what? I am hesitant to explore other locales because I love island food so very much.

Even though we were there to sample their new menu, I just had to have one of my old favourites-their fried cheese in cilantro sauce! We sampled many new menu additions and it was a “blow your mind” kind of dinner. Read here for all the amazing details.

We were home in time for wine on the balcony where I daily thank my lucky stars that Isla Mujeres is a permanent fixture in my life.

Kath’s quote: “Gratitude is the single most important ingredient to living a successful and fulfilled life.“-Jack Canfield

Love never fails.

Trip Report Day Twenty Two- Rosa Sirena


Another beautiful morning.

We decided to make it a pool day as the opportunities to do so were fading away. Sue joined us for water time and visits with her Minnesota friends.

We were visited by the resident Iguana, that one of the guests decided to feed.

I love being this close to accessing the Caribbean!

We stayed pool side until there was just this little crack of sunshine on the shore.

Sue treated us to dinner at Rosa Sirena’s. It is lovely being up in the trees with a light breeze (but the spiral staircase to get up there was a bit tough).

We started with beautifully crafted cocktails!

There were beautiful views from our table.

And equally beautiful food. We ended dinner with this gorgeous coconut cheese cake.

Owners Debbie and Willy are wonderful hosts and it was so lovely to finally meet them. We arrived home to share some night time wine with Deb and Joe.

Kath’s quote: “I’m going to soak up the sun…”- Sheryl Crowe

Love never fails.

Trip Report Day Twenty One-Marea and a Joint Sunset Cruise


Woke up to another amazing day in paradise.

Deb and Joe made breakfast at the house.

We sent my brother Kelly, Lorraine and our friend Donna home that day. I had already taken pics of their sad faces. These were their happy ones.

We shopped at Hortencia’s and then had a tall cool one at Marea. I was happy to meet the owners there. Did you read that Restaurant Feature by sister Sue?

After a snack at home we left to meet Deb and Joe’s friends and take a dip in their pool. What a beautiful house and setting!

We cabbed down to Centro to join a sunset cruise. After the cruise we were peckish so we headed to Sonnys for amazing pizza. It was a late night for us old folks.

Kath’s quote: “You are my anchor in life’s unpredictable sea.” – Unknown

Love never fails.

Trip Report Day Twenty – Marina Bartolome


We stayed in bed a little late but the sunrise was later too. I couldn’t believe that all three of these images were of the same sunrise. I was particularly enamored by the bottom one-there is reflection on the sea but where did the light come from?

After coffee we headed into town for Island Church at Jax and then stayed for breakfast. I love Jackie’s glassware.

D put down those overflowing breakfast burritos and I went for more traditional fare. Jackie tells us that this would be a typical breakfast back home in Texas. I loved the crispy bacon and perfect home fries.

We visited Jax on our very first trip to Isla some twenty years ago. I mourn the loss of their view, when the day tripper place was built across the street and sits virtually empty when I am in the vicinity. But it still is one of the best places to wait for sunset.

We headed home for showers and a snack, then were back in town to visit Marina Bartolome for an early dinner. We were blown away! If you follow this link you will see that my friend Valerie and I connected years ago when they had 1000 Tacos, which was my favourite taco on the island, pre-Covid.

Valerie’s husband returned from fishing as we were eating dinner. The guys headed to the dock to see his haul.

We have on occasion watched sunset from Marina Bartolome. It was just beginning to go down that day.

I captured the end of it from our deck at home. I was excited to “try” to watch the Oscars from our place but after an extended struggle, I gave up. Oh well. I had a lot of writing to do that evening anyway.

Kath’s quote: “Every sunset is also a sunrise. It all depends on where you stand.” Karl Schmidt

Love never fails.

Trip Report Day Nineteen-Sueno de Marfil & Picus


“God” clouds (as my kids always called them) greeted us that morning.

I walked into Centro to put my deposit down on my apartment for 2025. I was very pleased to secure a more spacious room.

I was supposed to meet D, Deb & Joe at the beach by Mia but I hadn’t had breakfast, so I stopped at Sueno de Marfil.

I loved the tasty omelette that I invented, as an ode to my late friend Ruben (shrimp and cheese).

Wow. Their setting is gorgeous! I really enjoyed meeting the owner and we had a great chat.

It was a hot walk to the beach.

I needed to completely submerge in the ocean to come to my senses.

Hortencia’s grandkids joined us. They are such great kids and so appreciative.

That part of North Beach is sure beautiful but there is not enough shade to go around. I prefer Centro Beach my self.

Home by cab for showers and naps. We spontaneously decided on dinner at Marina Bartalome but when we arrived the dining room had already closed.

The Newbies

So we tried Picus and everybody loved it!

We loved having our feet in the sand and the beautiful sunset.

We visited Picus our very first time to the island and then again for D’s birthday a year later. We ordered both of these succulent dishes for D’s momentous occasion. In order to preserve D’s dignity, I am not going to share why that dinner was “momentous”.

Joe’s gang was heading to Snappers for a late Jets game so we walked them there. We stopped en route at Jax for a late night cap. Jax’s Mojito was great. D and I cabbed home and listened to Jets game on line.

Kath’s quote: “What happens on Isla, stays on Isla“.-Me

Love never fails.

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