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Trip Report Day Eighteen-Newbies Arrive & Queen Macabi


We spent a wonderful day showing Deb and Joe the middle part of the island.

They ventured out on their own and then met D at the tennis court. I finished up my media work. I made avocado toast for breakfast and then we walked to Chedraui for supplies. The walk home was so hot we all got in the pool.

We all needed showers and naps before we cabbed to Queen Macabi. What a lovely surprise the restaurant was! Read all about it here:

We had a really tough time finding Queen Macabi so I took pictures from their roof top to give people their bearings if they wanted to visit. You will see from the bottom photo that it was across from Doro’s (another restaurant that I have been dying to visit). I understand that the owner of Queen Macabi have put up a large banner/sign recently. So hopefully the cabbies will learn the location because our driver didn’t have a clue!

We walked through La Gloria (I think) and showed Deb and Joe one of our many favourite restaurants-Basto’s Grill. We also ran into Sergio who lovingly introduced us to his son Max.

We still had some time to kill so we dropped into (or shall I say “Climbed up to”), Chile & Maiz.

We had scheduled a visit with Hortencia and the rest of our Mexican family. Marcello and Hortencia host us every year for dinner. Usually it is Hortencia’s idea but this year it was Marcello’s. We wanted to all be together to celebrate his good health! Hortencia made her amazing chicken mole. Joe is a contractor back home and has just completed a major reno of his house. Hortencia’s family has been renovating too, so Joe was showing them the construction difference when you build a house in Canada to withstand frigid temperatures.

We hopped the bus home but wouldn’t let us off at Chedrui as we had hoped, so we rode into town and attempted to connect with Joe’s friends at El Patio, to no avail. So we cabbed home and listened to a late Jets game.

Kath’s quote: “The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life.” – Richard Bach

Love never fails.

Trip Report Day Seventeen-Karen’s Departure Day & Xaman

Sunrise through the bedroom window. It was kinda humid out.

Today was Karen’s departure day. D was at tennis while I did some media work and Karen packed. She was a newbie to Isla Mujeres but was hooked in (I wanna say) 35 seconds! We were still on the sidewalk, making our way to her suite, when she declared as much.

Kelly and Lorraine joined D and I as we saw Karen off. As we waved her good-bye, many people waiting in line, waved back at us. I think everyone appreciates being sent off at the ferry.

Sue and Donna arrived just moments too late. Kelly and Lorraine were hitting the beach as D and I bussed to Chedraui with Sue and Donna. We walked home with groceries from there. En route, we saw the place that D loves (almost) best of all on the island.

Also on the way, I made note of this little street for the first time. I have been visiting almost 20 years and never noticed it before. Would it dead end at the school?

D and I did some beachcombing together as the water was low. But we got too hot, so we jumped in the pool.

We were feeling vegetable deprived, so we made a salad for lunch with a glass of red, to mellow out the day.

That evening Sue and I went to Xaman. I waited in the palm shadows across the road from our place, for Sue to pick me up in a cab.

I love these trees. This was in front of Xaman but there is also one where we used to stay at Luna D’ Miel and another at Isla Brewing where D spent the evening.

Xaman’s decor was beautiful and relaxed. We settled in to learn so many things about the history of Mexican food. We got adventurous and tried grasshoppers and worms. I can’t say that I enjoyed them or even that they were “good”, but I was glad to have tried them none the less. I can put them on my strange food list with crocodile and barracuda.

Their mixologist was an artist! I was very happy with the way that this picture turned out. The drink spoke to me of sunset on the Caribbean Sea. It was both beautiful and delicious. Read more about the fabulous food at:

We enjoyed sunset from the restaurant. D’s sister Deb and her partner Joe’s arrival had been detained by 2 hours. But fear not, I had a new book to crack open!

Kath’s quote: Life’s comings and goings are like a symphony, with each person playing their part, adding depth and richness to the melody.” – Oliver Anderson 

Love never fails.

Trip Report Day Fifteen-Greenverde


An even lazier day today!

Back home our summer place is called “Life is Good”. The simple saying speaks volumes for me!

This was our little stove top at our rental. Amazing breakfasts were prepared here over the course of our stay. It made me wonder why my stove top at home was so vast and complicated?

The powerful sun from that south facing bedroom window again.

Wrote and posted on the blog while D was out playing tennis.

Coffee and yoghurt got us through until lunch. I LOVE these yoghurts even though I know that they are full of sugar and artificial ingredients!

For lunch we had cucumber, manchego, lime mayo and cilantro sandwiches! They are my favourite but I only eat them on the island.

D reading and napping in the hammock. We headed down to the pool but went back and forth when the sun got too high.

D decided to head into Centro and came home with supplies for Monkey Lunches (kahlua, pineapple juice and banana)! He delivered them to us pool side. We did some beachcombing but were not hauling in very much.

We went out for another fabulous dinner. This time at Greenverde! Check out all the delicious details at:

We could walk both to and from our place to the restaurant. D greeted all the locals as they congregated outside their homes.

We had indulged too much that day so it was drinks of water under the stars to savour the end of our day.

Kath’s quote: “Life is good, It’s as simple as that.”

Love never fails.

Trip Report Day Fourteen-Lazy Day


This was my laziest day so far.

D played tennis.

Sunrise through the salt encrusted window screen.

I threw open all the windows and shut off the AC.

We went to Punta Piedra 1 for fresh towels and had a look around.

Back home for more balcony time. This was my exact view while reading in the hammock.

Any time there are trees outside my window, I am a happy girl. Palm trees especially.

We needed some plumbing fixed and light bulbs changed. as well as restocking forks, of all things. Everything was perfect thereafter.

We had to try out our new blender!

Reverse sunset
This shows you how much we loved Chile & Maiz. We emptied every dish and wiped them clean~

Dinner at Chile & Maiz. Amazing! Check out the Restaurant Feature here:

We returned home for wine under the stars.

Kath’s quote: “When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place, what is mankind that you are mindful of them?” — Psalm 8:3-4

Love never fails.

Trip Report Day Thirteen-Family Dinner


We enjoyed this beautiful sunrise without lifting our butts out of our chairs. This is luxury in my mind.

After coffee we grabbed a cab to Island Church at Jax. D and the guys play tennis everyday except Sunday. We really enjoy getting together with this community at Jax. And what a setting to induce an attitude of worship and gratitude!

Afterwards, we met Kelly and Lorraine and we all converged at X Bulu Ha to help Sue and Donna move. They treated us to breakfast at Alexa & Giovanni’s which was considerate and lovely of them.

We grabbed another cab home, picked up Karen and then we all walked to Chedrui. When we cabbed it home, as our arms were full of groceries, we dropped D en route as the rib man (not Tito) was set up in front of the “White House”.

Do you recognize any members of my extended family? From the far left in a clockwise motion are my Sister in Law Lorraine, my brother Kelly (who is a twin), our friend Karen who was staying with us, my husband Doug, our friend Donna and lastly, my baby sister Sue.
This is a clip when Karen and I exchanged places.

Later that evening we had a couple of kilos of ribs, spaghetti alfredo and creamy mashed potatoes. We fed seven with leftovers! It was lovely to invite my family over to a “bring a dish” supper. Lorraine & Kelly brought appetizers, Sue and Donna assembled a salad and Karen, D and I provided the rest of the feast.

Sunset through the kitchen window screen.

We had an absolutely wonderful time and decided that dishes could wait until morning.

Kath’s quote: “In this family, we laugh loudly, love deeply, and eat well”. -unknown

Love never fails.

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