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2015 Isla Mujeres Trip Report-Day 14







After one of our last beautiful sunsets we headed for Centro with our neighbours’ golf cart. We dropped them off to meet their boat destined for Isla Contoy.


We grabbed coffees at Café Cito and scouted around Centro until it was time to pick up Sister #3 and Dona.





They had not yet had a chance to try Bahama Mama’s so we stopped for Breakfast.




The three ladies enjoyed three different omelettes


and D opted for the fruit pancakes.

Then it was off to Chedrui for supplies for the dinner that we were making to host our friend Hortenzia and her family. Because we still had the golf cart we then drove them home and stopped at Q Bravos to pick up lunch that we would eat later around the pool.


These enormous chicken tortas were fabulous and so affordable.


That afternoon we packed up for D’s departure and my move to Centro. I did manage to do one last little bit of beachcombing before I said good-bye to the lovely beach in front of Luna D’Miel.


Sister #3, Dona and D in the Luna d’Miel kitchen where we cooked up a fabulous feast for Hortenzia’s family.


Hortenzia insisted on helping by serving up the dinner plates.


We love getting together with this family each year; sometimes at their home, sometimes we host. An extended visit is always a part of our Isla vacation.day14-22


We have known the grandkids since they were babies being cared for in Hortenzia’s shop. Another was born soon after our time together last spring and we look forward to meeting them.


We packed up all the leftovers to send home with Hortenzia for her family and we still had these four desserts left to share with our Luna d’Miel neighbours.


We love this wonderful woman and are so proud of the life she has provided for her family from her talent and her enterprising spirit. We do all of our shopping at her store or when she takes us to meet her friends that run the other market stalls. She has made countless dresses for all of us sisters, our kids and even my granddaughter. if you have never been to her shop you must go. The last stall to the north when your back is facing the front door of the Poc Na Hostel. Tell her Kelly, Susan or Kathy sent you…..

In exactly one week we will be checking into Villas San Miquel! I am really looking forward to the fully equipped kitchen in each of the villas because although we love Isla’s many restaurants, we also love to cook and entertain when we are on vacation.

Kath’s quote: The perfect woman, you see, is a working woman; not an idle, not a fine lady, but one who uses her hands and her head and her heart for the good”.-Thomas Hardy


Love never fails.