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Isla Mujeres Trip Report-Day Twelve, Part One







We enjoyed the morning’s sunrise and coffee with two new Canadian neighbours at Luna d’Miel.




I made a big ham and egg breakfast and then packed a lunch for our afternoon at north beach. It was a hot one and me being as freckled as I am, I spent the afternoon under an umbrella.




We love the beach at any time but especially early in the day before the other beach lovers arrive. At this particular time, it felt like we had the beach all to ourselves.



When there is no one else at the beach, the view is breathtaking and there is no one to disturb you as you escape into your book.


Eventually it is time to stretch and take a walk so I head east on north beach (with my camera of course).






The cool of our very own spot on the beach was waiting for me.




Eventually we are joined by Sister #3 and Brother #3 who consistently visit the island at the same time as us. We are a family that loves to hang out together. You can likely tell that with my fair skin I don’t take after the same parent as my siblings.



We were in and out of the crystalline waters all day to refresh ourselves.


We enjoyed a late lunch time of sandwiches made of manchego cheese, cucumber, cilantro and lime mayo-oh yum! We made the hot walk home and hop into the shower and then head back into town again.

On a beach day such as this one, we do a lot of walking back and forth from North Beach/centro to Luna d’Miel on the Airport Road. We are very much looking forward to staying in town at Villas San Miquel this year. With a pool right in the courtyard, we may even decide not to go to the beach at all. We expect that refreshing breezes off the open ocean will cool us.

Kath’s quote:“A real friend is someone who takes a winter vacation on a sun-drenched beach and does not send a card.”–Farmer’s Almanac

glass hearts.jpg

Love never fails.



Isla Mujeres 2015 Trip Report-Day Seven, Part Two



Later that same day we chilled on Luna De Miel’s Caribbean patio until supper with rums & freshly squeezed oj and nachos.


We love the colours of the sea on this side of the island, especially in the ever changing light.


But we also appreciate the  west patio too with the natural tree canopy and views of the bay.



Eventually we cabbed into Centro to Covi to stock up on some wine and met a wonderful couple from British Columbia. We have friends in both the communities of Pender Harbour & Gibson’s Landing in BC and this couple lived half way between the two. She spontaneously told me about a place that they had just discovered where they were delighted with food they had never tasted before. Turns out that they were speaking about Chiles Relleno from La Lomita, where I had my first meal on the island many years ago. They were so enamoured with everything about Isla, they even wanted us to see their little room at Hotel Casa Espana.


We then wandered over to Brisas Grill to have dinner with family members Don, Victoria, Kelly and Lorraine. Unfortunately, I had misinformed the latter and mistakenly they went to the former Brisas Caribe in Colonias. Eventually they found us but I felt bad.

In the end we had a lovely sunset dinner with our feet in the sand (see this link to read about it in more detail).

After dinner, we wandered Hidalgo with a stop at our favourite bakery truck for pina (pineapple pie). Unfortunately our friend Jose was sold out so everyone bought cookies and pastries instead. Our final stop of the evening was with Victoria and Don at their hotel-Roca Mar to fetch their leftover groceries and a last visit around the pool. They departed the next morning.

We are very much looking forward to our 2016 Isla visit, when we will not have to hail a cab or make the walk down the dark airport road after an evening in Centro. We will be spending half of our time at Villas San Miquel. We will have gorgeous sea views in a secure compound in the perfect location. On a day like Day 7 we will have saved all kinds of time and cash by not making our way back and forth to Centro. We cannot wait!

Since I have recounted this time earlier this year, I have been informed that Brisas Grill is closed. I do not know any of the circumstances but certainly hope that it all gets straightened out because we are very fond of the spot.

Kath’s quote: “Dinner is not what you do in the evening before something else. Dinner is the evening.”  ― Art Buchwald


Love-that is all.