Brooklynn’s Bistro-A Preview


We were delighted to receive an invitation for a sneak peak to this new edition to the Exchange scene at 177 Lombard Ave.

Almost immediately, we were greeted by Franca who introduced herself as Broklynn’s Mom.  My brain processed: “Oh so not “Brooklyn” as in NYC but  “Brook Lynn”.”  Being a lover of babies and family, I was impressed even before I even had a sip of a specialty cocktail or a taste of a canape by a business named after a 3 year old child.  Enormous black and white close ups of the photogenic little girl are the few accouterments of the understated decor. 

Franca also indicated that Chef Darryl was incorporating many of the family’s authentic Italian pasta and sauce recipes onto the menu. While we chatted and waited for the the sampling trays to circulate, I sipped on a glass of Zero Negro who’s taste I remember from our time in Sicily and D a Basil Sky-a martini made with a swill of Sky Vodka surrounding a pinched sprig of basil.  The lip of the glass had been edged with lemon and salt-so clever.  By the end of the evening we changed things up with a Peach Bellini.  I was totally uncouth as I dug the peach slice out of the bottom of the glass to enjoy.

A shard of grana padano topped the carpaccio 

We spotted the pasta dough being tossed in front of the Italian wood-burning pizza oven.  Somehow authentic pizza dough has the ability to be light as air and yet substantial enough to hold a bevy of toppings.  The Margerita proved to be our favourite. 

Brocoli, pork belly on saffron polenta

Chef Darryl Crumb’s reputation proceeds itself, having competed for Canada’s Top Chef.  His spins on the family’s classic Italian recipes were our favourites of the evening.

Beef Ravioli with a Red Wine Reduction

Pièce de résistance-Pesto Gnocchi

We often order gnocchi when we dine as we haven’t mastered the knack for these pillowy clouds of potato at home.  When tossed in a light cream sauce and then a drizzle of pesto-the dish was in our minds, the star of the evening.

That was of course until we saw Brooklynn herself arrive to meet the guests. 

When we attend the theatre or an event at the Concert Hall, we often look for a spot in the area for a light bite to start the evening.  We like to park once and walk from a bistro to the venue (as parking is at a premium in the area).  We also enjoy a performance much better, if we haven’t been weighted down by our dinner.  This will make Brooklynn’s an obvious choice in the future and we predict much success. 

Thank you for your hospitality.

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Kath’s quote: “Often, admiring a chef and getting to know him is like loving goose liver and then meeting the goose.”-George Lang

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“Brooklynn’s Bistro-A Preview”

  1. Avatar April 6th, 2011 at 11:17 pm Jack3d Says:

    Lucky you got an early invite! Can’t wait to try Darryl’s food!

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