An Amazing Man at We Day In Winnipeg


I had a spectaular day at my second We Day event in Winnipeg.  I was awed and humbled to be in the room with one of the greatest men who has ever lived: President Mikhail Gorbachev.  Through his interpreter and as a result of questions from Free the Children Founder Craig Kielburger, he shared that his own life was riddled with war and hunger but that he has been given the “gift of a happy life”.  He attributes this happiness to his hard work and that even very early in his life, he knew that he wanted to learn and make a difference.  This, in spite of living in the middle of nowhere with no electricity or telephone.  He never boarded a train until he was 20 years old.

He imparted these words of wisdom to the 18,000 school aged kids who sat quietly with respect and reverence:

“Don’t allow anyone to divide, because some exploiters will try to.

Never fear those who are trying to intimidate you.  Be on the side of the truth.

Honesty, justice and the truth.  This is what we want.”

He referred back to his contribution to the dissolution of the cold war with US President Ronald Reagan.  He recalls saying to President Reagan:

“A nuclear war can never be won and must never be fought.”

He added: “We need to move towards a world without nuclear weapons.  We need to rid the world of the militarization of politics, of civilization.”

When asked about his hopes for his great granddaughter (4 years old):

“I want her to live in a world free and just, in friendship and co-operation.”

And then in conclusion, he said to the crowd:

“Be brave, be courageous”.

The hushed silence had ended, the crowd roared in appreciation.

I was so impressed with so many other speakers but as a food blogger, I was particularly thrilled with the following new Free the Children announcement:

The PotashCorp of Saskatoon has come on board.  “The partnership includes the introduction of an Agriculture and Food Security pillar to Free The Children’s long-term and sustainable Adopt a Village program, which helps lift rural communities in developing countries out of poverty through long term sustainable infrastructure and programming. PotashCorp is the Founding Partner of Free The Children’s fifth Adopt a Village pillar, which joins the program’s four existing pillars of Education, Health, Clean Water and Sanitation and Alternative Income and Livelihood. The Agriculture and Food Security pillar will be added to programming in all eight of Free The Children’s Adopt a Village countries: India, Nicaragua, Sierra Leone, Ecuador, Kenya, Haiti, Ghana and rural China.”

Kath’s quote: “In the last analysis civilization is based upon the food supply.”-
Will Durant

Love-that is all.

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